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Thread: This is a Message For Lisa - Brian G Jonson Advised I Should Coonect With My Question

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    This is a Message For Lisa - Brian G Jonson Advised I Should Coonect With My Question

    Hey Lisa,

    I hopefully this reaches Lisa Irby, a good friend of yours, Brian G Jonson who mentioned I should connect with you, I looked at your other site, but I thought here would be the best place. My name is Darren and I am the owner of a natural hair, skin cosmetic product selling on Amazon right now (I have not come here to post links, but to really connect with you Lisa .) I have some great ideas!

    I would love to offer my product to you and your members for free or at least 90% discounted. However, I most definitely want to get your approval first, I have other ideas I am sure you would be interested in hearing.

    I am happy to send you my information so we can connect, as this is your forum and I am new here, it would not feel right to post contact information until we have connected.

    Feel free to PM me


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