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Thread: A naturally bad haircut- seeking advice

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    A naturally bad haircut- seeking advice

    You know how people fear the dentist? I have that fear when it comes to hair stylists in my city. So, I decided to give myself my first naturally curly haircut. I went for the deva cut and one side came out really good, I guess that was my strong hand. The other side though, wow... It is noticeably in two layers, giving me the "mushroom look". Do you think if I grow out the top shorter layers it will "blend" into the longer layers, or is there anything else I can do?

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    Do you have a different curl pattern on the side of your hair that did not turn out right? When I did my big chop and gave myself a boy cut with about half inch of hair on the sides and more hair at the top. I noticed that my left side by my temple curl pattern is tighter than the rest of my head. It bothered me at first but I got ova it because I did not want to shave my head. My left side eventually blended with the rest of my hair. If you want, you can wait it out and let it grow out to blend if you don't want to keep cutting at it.

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