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    Red face Considering....

    Hi, I'm 12 and considering doing the big chop because my hair is relaxed and most of my friends have it natural and in big poofs on top of there heads I usually wear my hair in long braid or twist extensions and if I do cut off all my natural hair will I still be able to do that if my hair is really short also my edges at the front are broken and my hair at the back isnt relaxed its bushy, someone please help ASAP so I can show my mummy the messages!!!

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    Hi Maryadexxx!

    Welcome to the site and it's good that you're considering natural hair. While natural hair is THE BEST THING EVER, you must understand that maintenance is essential. You have to develop a good hair care routine and moisture is a must (you can read all kinds of helpful things in the "Transitioners Start Here" tab at the top). It takes some getting used to and I think you'll really come to appreciate it if you stick with it. One thing's for sure -- you'll need your mom's help until you get the hang of it. Ask your mom to read the information under the Transitioner's tab so you can learn together. And who knows? Maybe your mom will take the leap, too.

    I wish you the best!
    Faith without works is DEAD...and so is your hair!

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