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Thread: Why is my hair more damaged now that it's natural

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    Why is my hair more damaged now that it's natural

    I have been natural for a 1 and a half now, previously I use to flat iron my hair. I have about bra strip length hair and I have notice about 4 months ago that my hair is more damaged than it has ever been. I wash and deep-condition once a week with moisture products and do hydrolyzed protein treatments a few times a year. I'm thinking about going back to flat ironing my hair, since my hair look and feel the worst then it ever has. I don't know what happen. My hair feels like dry hay and has split ends half way up the hair strand. I don't know where I went wrong but I will be cutting about 5 inches of dead hair soon.
    I don't think it was moisture issue, since I deep condition once a week and used moisture based products while styling my hair. The products I have used come from Shea Moisture, As I Am, TGIN and alikay naturals.
    Any suggestions on how I managed to kill my hair?

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    Could you have heat damage? Also you may need to trim your Hair. Split ends cannot be repaired, been there and done that.
    Are you doing the Loc method? could you be Protein sensitive or could you be dealing with protein overload?

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