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Thread: How do I start

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    How do I start

    Okay, to start I am three months post relaxer and I feel a bit of new growth. Ive always wanted to transition and researched it on youtube for years, and attempted once and went back to a perm...i know it sucks. Anyway, I know a lot of tips. But..dont know how to start this journey. My hair is super dry and becoming striped and perhaps matted, i dont know if i should detangle or just wash ny hair or what. How do i start lol. Thanks and i hope im not confusing.

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    Hi Faith! Welcome to the NC Forum!

    The natural journey can be a bit overwhelming at first, but don't worry. There are some REALLY great tips under the Transitioners Start Here tab at the top of the page. The most important things are learning the difference between oil and a moisturizer, hair porosity (low porosity vs high porosity), and establishing/maintaining a good wash/deep conditioning routine. Many people are concerned with growth. If you focus on healthy hair rather than long hair, you'll be surprised how well your hair grows. Take it a bite at a time -- natural hair is indeed a journey.

    I wish you the best!
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