Hello my name is Zoe. I have decided that I wanted to transition and go natural. The last time I relaxed my hair was in the beginning of October in 2016. In the past I have started transitioning and once I had reached like 6 months and would start relaxing my hair all over again but this time I decided that I'm not gonna do down that path and I'm actually going to finish what I started. So I have a problem and need some help. So I have recently messed up my curl pattern I believe. So recently I have started working out everyday so I stopped putting perm rods and flexi rods in my hair so everyday after my workout when I took a shower I would wash my hair everyday since you know I was all sweaty ( I wish I didn't do that) and now most of my hair at my roots are straight, only the hair in the middle is still somewhat curly at the roots and I just wanted to know how I can fix this without having to cut my hair or shaving it off and starting over. I would put braids in my hair but I can't afford to buy the hair and get my mom or grandmother to do it and I can't afford to go get it done because money is really tight right now.

First question: Did this happen because I washed my hair every day? Or was it because I wasn't deep conditioning my hair very often or doing hot oil treatments?

Second question: Will deep conditioning my hair more often and doing more hot oil treatments help?

Third question: If this will help, do anybody know how long it will take for my roots to start coming in curly again?