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    Unhappy I Need Some Help

    Hello my name is Zoe. I have decided that I wanted to transition and go natural. The last time I relaxed my hair was in the beginning of October in 2016. In the past I have started transitioning and once I had reached like 6 months and would start relaxing my hair all over again but this time I decided that I'm not gonna do down that path and I'm actually going to finish what I started. So I have a problem and need some help. So I have recently messed up my curl pattern I believe. So recently I have started working out everyday so I stopped putting perm rods and flexi rods in my hair so everyday after my workout when I took a shower I would wash my hair everyday since you know I was all sweaty ( I wish I didn't do that) and now most of my hair at my roots are straight, only the hair in the middle is still somewhat curly at the roots and I just wanted to know how I can fix this without having to cut my hair or shaving it off and starting over. I would put braids in my hair but I can't afford to buy the hair and get my mom or grandmother to do it and I can't afford to go get it done because money is really tight right now.

    First question: Did this happen because I washed my hair every day? Or was it because I wasn't deep conditioning my hair very often or doing hot oil treatments?

    Second question: Will deep conditioning my hair more often and doing more hot oil treatments help?

    Third question: If this will help, do anybody know how long it will take for my roots to start coming in curly again?

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    Hey Zoe, I'm no stylist and not versed on women's hair that much, but let me first say, congrats that you have decided to go natural. Your hair in its natural state is the most beautiful hair on the planet. I don't think washing your hair every day will damage it. I have never had problems from over washing my hair. One thing I use in my hair other than conditioner once in a blue moon is coconut oil, only the virgin coconut oil. I have gotten fabulous results from using that in my hair. I think that in time your hair will return to its best state though I cannot gaurantee it will be curly. But who cares about that? Your hair will look beautiful if it does not curl. You have the best grade of hair on the planet and full human hair.
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    So making a transition from using nasty, repulsive, disgusting weave was a very empowering choice.
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    You must never back track queen!
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    Hi Chocolate Goddess! I can't answer your questions exactly, but I can tell you three REALLY important things for general natural hair care:

    1) Learn the difference between moisture and sealing. Oils are sealants. You can moisturize your hair with a simple water spritz. Hair supplies don't have to cost much. There are TONS of DIY recipes to use. Natural hair can fit any budget in my opinion. Moisture. Is. VITAL.

    2) Learn your hair's porosity. You'll find out how well (or not well) your hair retains moisture.

    3) Develop a good wash routine and do it consistently. I do my hair most every weekend (sometimes life happens and it's longer, but I try to stay consistent). Be sure to deep condition.

    4) You can co-wash rather than use a shampoo. A co-wash just means using only a conditioner instead of shampoo and conditioner. Conditioners have a cleaning agent in them so shampoo's not wholly necessary. Personal preference.

    5) Check out the Transitioners Start Here at the top of the page. You'll find TONS of really helpful information. Be warned can be overwhelming. Take it a bite at a time. Before you know it, you'll be an old pro.

    Take your time, be patient and enjoy the journey. You'll be surprised what you learn about yourself and how beautiful you really are.
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