Two Strand Twist Out on Transitioning Hair

Two Strand TwistsHere are the results of my first two strand twist out on my 3 month transitioning hair.

It took me several days to get this right because of my relaxed ends, but the end result turned out OK. As you’ll see in the video below, it’s important to trim your ends if they are broken off and thin.

You also need to roll up your processed ends so they will blend better with the style.

Products Used

  • Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioner (mixed with a bit of water to hold twists)
  • Sponge rollers for ends (I use sponge because I often sleep in them)

After this experience, I wrote a post with tips on how to do a twist out properly on transitioning hair.

Here’s a better attempt months later into my transition. Click to watch my twist out video with flat twists.

And here’s another flat twist / twist out style 13 months into my transition.


  1. Leah says

    I haven’t had a relaxer in eight weeks and decided to do the two-strand twist on my hair while it was semi-dry. I used motions leave-in conditioner and Shea Moisture Curling Pudding.I also use foam rollers and rolled up my twists. Ugh, my hair look and felt dry and stiff. Idk what I did wrong.

    • lisa says

      Hi Leah

      Sometimes products don’t mix well together and can dry your hair out if it coats up on your strands. I wonder if that is what happened there? I’ve discovered I can’t use certain product combos together. If it was stiff, sounds like you either may have used too much product or had a bad mix.

  2. Kamisha says

    I have been using a texturizer for the last 2.5 years I have cut my hair into a short swing bob twice during this time. I have not cut my hair again for almost a year now and I am thinking of going natural, my hair currently sits at the bottom of my neck… My concern is I have extremely dry scalp and only put a texturizer on about every 4 months or so and I wash and deep condition every week… I do not want to do the big chop, and advise would be helpful…. Thanks

    • lisa says

      I just wear a satin cap at night. Now I twist after washing and use perm rods instead of the spongies. If it weren’t for needing to wash my hair it would probably last 2 weeks. But I usually wear it a week. It’s my favorite transitioning style because it’s so low maintenance.

  3. NeeNoc says

    Girl, you are gonna make me grow some hair on this bald head of mine. I’ll keep up with your progress!

  4. says

    Hey I like the final look after you trimmed all the straight ends. It’s a very becoming look for you. I’m wondering though, how often will you need to roll it to keep it looking this way? I’m going to continue to watch you before I make the decision to begin letting mine grow again. If it’s going to be a lot of work (I’ve become rather lazy in my later years), I’ll keep it as it is. I’ll keep watching.
    Thanks for the updates.

    • lisa says

      Thanks! This probably wouldn’t have lasted long because I didn’t do this while it was wet. I re-washed the same night and actually set the twists on rollers with setting lotion and haven’t taken them down yet. I have a feeling my next try will last longer. I’ll keep ya posted!

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