Oyin’s Burnt Sugar Pomade – Should You Buy It?

Oyin Handmade's Burnt Sugar PomadeLet me start off by saying…

One whiff of this stuff will make you want to eat it!

It should be against the law for a company to make a non-edible product smell so friggin’ good. :)

Nevertheless, I have been reading all the hype about how great Oyin’s Burnt Sugar Pomade is.

So I bought a jar and tried it as a moisturizer on a finished rod set.  I also used it on wet twists a few times.   And to sum it up…

I wasn’t impressed.

Yes, it added a bit of shine, but my hair didn’t feel as good as it does with other butters.

I also couldn’t get the product to completely dissolve, so I ended up with tiny grains in my hair — not a good look!  Yes, they instruct you to rub the product between your fingers — and I did — but it took quite a bit of work to get those beads to dissolve.

Take Two

I later learned that pomades work best on dry/slightly damp hair.  So I re-twisted some old twists using a tiny bit of water and some of the pomade.

Here’s the result…

Oyin Handmade's Burnt Sugar Pomade

I still battled the graininess, but this is the most luscious my twists have ever looked and they feel incredibly soft.  I’m not sure if it’s the pomade or a combination of the product and the fact my hair already has some oil/product in it.

Now that I know how and when to use it, I may add it to my list of staples — for dry twists anyway.  Just in time too.  This jar was on its way to the back of my cabinet. 😉

This is NOT a Moisturizer

I have a bad habit of calling products like this moisturizers. They may feel like they are moisturizing your hair because your hair will feel soft.

But real moisturizers have water as the first or second ingredient. So when I dampened my hair before adding the product, the water was my actual moisturizer.  Oyin’s pomade actually SEALS in the moisture.

So if you want to keep your hair moisturized, you should use a bit of water to dampen your hair before applying.  Don’t soak it with water because it won’t blend well.  Just a couple of spritz per section of hair will do.

Learn more about properly moisturizing your natural hair.


  1. says

    LISA! WOW love the write up. I bought this product yesterday. And Im trying to see if I can use It on my relaxed hair. But your hair LOOKS AMAZING! I must give you a shout. Didn’t know you had this blog. Posting now. Great job! And will check on you here every now and then….♥

    • lisa says

      Hey Ateya!

      Didn’t know you left a comment, cool! Yes I think this will work nicely as a finishing product on your relaxed hair. It will lock in moisture. Natural products like this are good for any kind of hair. Enjoy!

  2. Vee says

    Lisa I have followed you for awhile. You are one smart sister! I found you first through 2createawebsite. I have since referred several friends to that website. When I saw that you were starting a hair chanel, and going natural. I said what a smart move!. I have watched your transition and how your hair has grown. Natural really agrees with your hair. Your hair is so thick! Thats some good genes. So it looks full at any length. It looks like your hair grows pretty well also. Keep up the good work! Awesome!

  3. lisa says

    Hi Sandra,

    Yeah it’s tricky because everyone’s hair texture is so different so the instructions may need to be modified depending on your thickness, texture, etc.

    When I first started transitioning, I spent way too much money on products. Most of them are still in my cabinet. For me, it was about the obsession of trying to “fix” my hair. Now that I’m learning to accept my texture as it is, I don’t find myself longing to buy as many products as I used to.

    I used to watch YT videos and buy products based on someone else’s results. Now that I know what my hair will do and won’t do I have curbed my product junky-ism a lot. :) I know that’s not the force behind every junky, but I think after awhile it’s about finding what works and stick to it.

  4. sandra says

    You’re absolutely right about how products are used and their effectiveness. For years I had some Ms. Jessies silk straightening creme(no its not a texturizer or relaxer…not sure why the name) but anyway I was ready to just throw it out. And then something told me to spray the hair all over with water and just take one tablespoon of it and rub it throughout my hand and then run my hand all over my head. After that, I proceeded to do two strand twists. The twists felt a little weird as I was twisting. But when I worke up in the morning I could not believe my eyes. It was the bst twistout. I still use that creme. I looked at the instructions on the container but I don’t think many product developers know how to explain well how to use the product. I wrote Ms. Jessies about that issue as well. But then I thought, many different textures of hair absorb product and moisture differently and so perhaps we do need to experiment with the products in different ways.
    Lisa, my question to you is what would it take for many product junkies to avoid loosing so much money with testing? I know samples are a good idea. But I’m wondering if it would help if people read more reviews about products first. Could you tell me what you think?
    Thanks for this post.

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