My Favorite Transitioning Products

Great Products for Transitioning to Natural Hair The biggest mistake I made when I first started transitioning was running out to buy all these hair products I saw other people using.

I am a self-proclaimed product junkie. I have always been. If they have a support group for such a thing, just sign me up!

Nevertheless, I quickly discovered you don’t really need a lot of products while you transition. Yes, it may take some time and money to discover what works best for your hair, but all you really need is…

1) A couple of sulfate-free shampoos (The reason I say “a couple” is your hair may become immune to using the same products over time, so it’s good to have at least two so you can alternate.)

2) A good moisturizing leave-in and deep conditioner

3) Natural moisturizers and sealants

Sulfate-Free Shampoos

sulfate free products Sulfate-free shampoos are a must. Sulfates strip your hair of moisture, and that’s the last thing you want when transitioning. Natural hair dries out a lot more than relaxed hair so you don’t need any help with sulfate-laced shampoos.

At first, I used the Giovanni product line then moved to Kinky Curly’s Come Clean shampoo. I started noticing that the Come Clean shampoo made my hair feel a little hard/stiff after washing. So I went back to the Giovanni line.

At the very end of my transition I realized the reason Kinky Curly made my hair hard was because I was using too much.   Now that I’ve learned, I use it quite often.  So I switched back and forth between Giovanni and Kinky Curly.

I buy them both at Whole Foods or


conditioners My favorite leave-in conditioners are Knot Today by Kinky Curly (buy @ Whole Foods or Target) and Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp.  You can actually use both of these as a rinse-out or leave-in.

Knot today is a bit pricey, but it gives my hair an incredible shine and it’s a great detangler.  Oyin Handmade is a lighter conditioner that can be used as a rinse-out or leave-in.  I like to add a teaspoon or so to my spray bottle of water.  I mist my hair with this mix when styling my wet hair.

I also like the Herbal Essence line.  I use Hello Hydration and Totally Twisted conditioners. They are very economical (especially compared to Kinky Curly) and you can find them at almost any drugstore or I like to use their products to pre-poo my hair (along with olive oil).

Pre-pooing is the process of applying moisture to your hair before you shampoo. This helps keep your hair soft, shiny and moisturized.  Pre-pooing also prevents breakage by improving your hair’s elasticity.

I also like the Giovanni line. They have several conditioners and all of them have worked well for me.

deep conditioning Deep Conditioning

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on deep conditioning.  My favorite is Organics Olive Oil Replenisher.  You can buy this at almost any beauty supply store.

Also try to look for deep conditioners that say “moisturizing.”  And if you have thick, coarse hair you’ll want a thicker conditioner to penetrate your strands.

To deep condition, just apply a generous amount to your hair while wet and work it through. Some people like to comb it through with a wide-tooth comb.  I just section my hair into 4 parts and work it in with my fingers.

Next, cover your hair with a plastic cap and sit under a warm dryer for 20-45 minutes. Rinse well with cold water.  Cold water seals the cuticle and helps promote shine.

No dryer?  No problem!  Just rinse a wash cloth in water as warm as you can stand it and place it inside a plastic cap and place on your head.  Leave on for at least 30 minutes and let the steam created from the wash cloth and plastic cap condition your hair.

Moisturizers and Sealants

Twist Out The words moisturizers and sealants are thrown around a lot in the natural hair community.  A moisturizer is a water-based product (so the first ingredient listed should be water).

That means a leave-in conditioner could be a good moisturizer for your hair, depending on the ingredients.

A sealant should be applied after your moisturizer and will help lock in the moisture from your leave-in.  Natural oils like castor, olive, jojoba, coconut, shea butter etc. make great sealants.

My hair absolutely loves castor oil.   I like to dab my fingertips in the oil and lightly apply it to my strands — especially after removing rods or taking down two-strand twists.  A little goes a long way.  Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine is also a great sealant.


This post wouldn’t be complete without giving a shout out to Aloe Vera gel. Who knew our hair loved this so much?  This is a fabulous curl-definer.  I use it along with setting lotion when doing rod sets. It helps give my hair a great shine.

I used to use Lily of The Desert (all natural), but have switched to Fruit of the Earth.  It has a few preservatives, but I like the slight hold it gives.  It’s great for rod sets and twist outs.

Keep it Simple

I am by no means recommending you buy all these products. You may not need to. Remember, I’m a product junky so I like experimenting. As I said above, I don’t use all these at once. They are all part of my product repertoire.

Even though this may seem like a lot of products, trust me, I’ve toned it down TREMENDOUSLY!

Quick Checklist…

1) Use as few products as you can between washings

2) Have at least 2 options from each category (Conditioners, Shampoos, Moisturizers)

3) Try to buy as many natural products as possible. Look for words like “100% Pure” on the labels and try to minimize the use of products that list mineral oil and ingredients that end in “CONE”. (Not everyone’s hair responds negatively to these ingredients, so do what works for you.)

Not all products recommended here are 100% natural (Herbal Essence, Giovanni, etc.) but the majority of them are.  All the oils I use are 100% natural.

Tip: If you don’t have any of the stores I mentioned in this post, you can get most of these products at (and probably a bit cheaper too!)

4) Consider buying a transitioning kit.  Not only does it help with manageability and combat dryness/brittleness, but it nourishes your scalp — which is often neglected during the transitioning phase.   A healthier scalp means healthier new growth!

How to Save $$ on Products

Going natural doesn’t have to break the bank. Learn how to save big by creating your own moisturizers, shampoos, etc.

PLEASE READ: I am often asked for product recommendations. I can only tell you what works for me. You have to experiment to figure out the best regimen/products for your hair. So please use my information as a guide and understand everyone’s hair responds to products differently.  Click here to chat with other transitioners about products.


  1. says

    Hi …..I had a baby one year ago at age 43, I had a great growth spurt during the pregnancy, I have worn my hair naturally since I was 19, a beautician friend of mine gave me some CHI system for my hair….it worked for gaining a natural curl. I noticed now that my hair is shedding like crazy…i get fist sized balls of hair every time i comb it out. I mostly condition my hair, shampooing once a week. I wet it in shower and comb out 1-2 times a week with conditioner. I have excema so my hair is always itchy but no evident rash is in my scalp. I am curious as to a natural shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioning and moisturizer for my hair. I have tried sooooo many products in past, I’m like you on that aspect….i agree my hair gets immuned after about 8 months with one product and it seems to stop working, that’s why i have so many products. My big questions is how many times a week should i be washing,conditioning, twisting….and should i be really combing out my hair or fingering it instead…seems like the new growth gets ripped out from combing…i use a wide tooth comb. Thanks for any help.

  2. glory says

    hi Lisa….its so nice to meet u.i want to try transitioing….i hope i enjoy this new world.what can i apply at the front base of my hair…im scared natural will not fit me with the way my hair is at the front.

  3. Katherine Dean says

    Hey Lisa!
    I have recently decided to go natural! My last relaxer was about 3 months ago (very mild relaxer just to get the kink out). I am about to get senegalese twists in two weeks, and I was wondering if I should maybe get a very mild relaxer before the braids are put in? My hair is not too brittle, but a little dry and very thick at the roots from new growth. I’m worried that not putting a mild relaxer in before the braids will cause more breakage after the braids are taken out(since my hair would then be half relaxed half natural)! But at the same time, I need my roots strong enough to take the weight of the braids, and a relaxer might weaken them a bit. Any advice?


  4. Mika Wi says

    You give great advice. I must admit to be a bit overwhelmed though. I did the big chop just to have a fresh start. I just started with the Shea Moisture. I’m pretty confused. I use the shampoo and followed with the co wash. I also used warm (melted) coconut/castor oil mix for scalp and hair with the shea moisture deep conditioning. I rinsed and after that I used the conditioner as a leave in (it was an option). I loved how my hair felt when doing all of this, but I let my hair air dry and now I’m disgusted again. What have I done wrong? Help!!! I want it to look and feel the way it did while I shampooed and conditioned. Am I dreaming?

  5. Tabitha Sandford says

    Hi there my hair is following out In the backand middle what should I do about that ? I was thinking about going natural . I wear lots of wigs because of my hair lost help please

  6. Crystal says

    Hi. I’m Crystal and i decided to go natural starting today. So I’m wondering what is a good style for my hair until i get my Senegalese twists? Please HELP :)

  7. Tiffany says

    Hey Lisa

    I did the big crop like 2 months ago..
    Trying to keep my hair moisturize is a task…especially after I put a permanent color in…but thanks to you I think I have it.. Now my question is my edges are pretty bad and my bald spots has started to grow back….do I trim my hair or cut it?

    • lisa says

      Hi Tiffany

      I think you should do whatever you can to even your hair up as much as possible. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

  8. littlesarah says

    i just watch your video on flaxseed. which i really enjoy i am in the process of trying to grow my hair after keeping it cut close to head basically it was shaved for 23 yrs. the problem i have is i travel alot so i am not in able to make flaxseed gel as you recommended. can you please provide me with the name of gel you showd in the video. (maybe you can help me i have my hair in the coil twist now but my hair is so brittle and hair; i do not know what type of shampoo, condititioner to use my hair is very very very dry…. any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. thank you liittlesarah

    • lisa says

      I’m confused, what gel? I don’t think I showed any gel in the flaxseed video. You must be referring to a different video.

      • Lsarah says

        No it is your video on flaxseed gel you show the gel in the video. You stated you paid ,close to thirty dollars. Also can you recommend a good shampoo. Thank you

        • lisa says

          Oh that was Afro Veda’s Whipped Shea Amla’s Butter. It is very pricey but makes for a GREAT twist out. I’m wearing one now and I’m on day 6.

  9. Shaniqua says

    Hello, I am was an about 1yr into being relaxer free and I have really really dry hair even w/o transitioning. So you can imagine how dry it is! I am trying to be patient as I transition but honeeeey…its hard! I like you mentioned am not skilled at doing hair let alone natural hair. Its just sooo overwhelming especially when there is so much breakage and I don’t want to chop it all off….but I digress. LOL my question is can you recommend a good moisturizing setting foam? Thanks

  10. Janaya says

    Ihave been on my transition for 1 1/2 years. it’s been terrible. before the transition I started using natural products, went sulfate free and what not. have done it all … but I’m beginning to feel that maybe my hair just doesnt like those products. I have yet to find any sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free, organic anything that moisturizes my hair, strengthens my hair or keeps me from looking like a homeless person. Just like some hair doesnt like protein products. Isn’t it possible, some hair works better and still grows just fine with products that may contain sulfates and what not?

    I’m just getting annoyed with the general statements about what transitioners SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do, when everyone’s texture is different.

    • lisa says

      Hi Janaya, and I think that’s exactly why it’s so difficult to give specific advice to anyone. I had to learn by trial and error and trying new routines and products until I found ones that worked for me.

      I’m assuming you’ve tried Shea Moisture?

    • Brandi says

      I understand how you feel Janaya but Lisa is so right about the trial and error. I have used Aveda products for at least 15yrs which worked with and without my relaxer. Now I have added various Wen and Carol’s Daughter products to my aresenal plus coconut oil. In over a year I assume you have tried a lot, maybe it would be helpful if you list what you have tried just in case someone has a suggestion. Transistionng is not as easy as lots of ppl make it sound which can make others journey seem horrible when the journey is just different. To be honest, I miss the ease of my relaxer some days bc I have never been into primping and hair. I am just trying to rid my life of chemicals so this is party of a healthier journey for me. Anyway, maybe mixing some natural products lines could work or just find a line of products that might have “shouldn’ts” but is still good for your hair. Do what works for you although you are still figuring that out.

  11. Danniella says

    I’ve tried transitioning several times but it never worked out because of my lack of patience with the process. This time i’m serious about it, your site is very encouraging. I’ve been reading different tips on transitioning hair and one of the main treatments was a Henna Treatment. Do you find this treatment is necessary or beneficial for the hair, if so what are the benefits?

  12. Katina says

    I’m product overwhelmed. I have a 3-4 inch twa n I haven’t figured out a routine with set products yet because it’s now 30 degrees and can’t do wash and god and don’t want to use a diffuser every morning. I was using Cantu curl activator over Giovanni Direct Leave-In, but had to re-wet my hair every morning since my hair is fine. Do you have any fine hair recommendations that are light but give curl definition on dry hair? Gel leaves my hair crunchy.

  13. says

    Hello Lisa
    I haven’t put a relaxer on my hair since 15months ago I’ve been braids and flexie rods I would like to know is it to late for me to do the Carl’s Daughter Transition kit. I’ve read all of your transition tips and I’ve been doing most of the things you recommended but I need to do some others as well but I really want to transition all the way.

    • lisa says

      Hi Kisha

      No it’s not too late. In fact, now would be a great time to nurture your new growth with a product like that. Give it a go!

  14. Angie says

    Hi Lisa,
    I was wondering if you thought using moose to style my hair would be to damaging or drying for my new growth because I know how it affects my relaxed part of my hair?

  15. Katina Smith says

    I used to alternate between Carol’s Daughter Monoi and Giovanni’s Deeper Moisture products. However, I am just now starting to focus on products that work best for fine hair. Most natural recommendations are too heavy for my hair (shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, etc.) and don’t contain the right balance of protein/keratin/amino acids to strengthen and give my hair body. The beginning of this new journey for me is learning the best water based products versus thick and or creamy products. Current items trying…coconut oil as pre-poo, Joico reparative K-pack shampoo and conditioner, Joico reconstructor, Elasta QP leave-in conditioner/daily moisturizer, Jane Carter Nouriche & Shine.

  16. Lisa says

    HELP! I’m in the middle of transitioning, and I like other women, are confuse with how the process goes, there are just too many products out here and too many “how to” I just want something simple, I do like to make a lot of stuff homemane so I will be going that route, I’m really thinking of doing the BC, I’m getting tired of the two textures of hair!

  17. Telly Shray says

    I’m a bit confused. I just took a full weave out my hair about two weeks ago. I haven’t permed my hair since late April. I’m currently doing my own hair (rod sets until I find a different transitioning style I like). I understand pre-pooing, co washing and deep conditioning( Organic Root Stimulator) but I’m confused on when you should seal your ends. Are you suppose to seal your ends after you deep conditioner and put leave-in-conditioner on your hair or do you seal your ends once you take the rod set out the next day. I went to a natural stylist (I found her last minute but the reviews on the site were good.) and my ends were damaged more severely then they were when I took the full weave out. I’ve already cut my ends this last weekend. I know I’ll end up having to cut more of my ends but I want to treat my hair first before I cut some additional split ends from my hair. (I plan on cutting my ends in two months.) I’m still in the early stages of transitioning and I’m scared that I’ll damaged my relaxed hair and natural hair as well. What do you advise when it comes to sealing hair? I’m using a lot of Jane Carter products on my hair. So far I like how it makes my hair feel. On the rod set I use Jane Carter’s wrap and roll and her revitalizing leave-in conditioner. Am I doing anything wrong? Am I sealing my ends the correct way or am I doing something wrong? I do apologize for writing such a long comment. I know I’m still new to transitioning and all the blogs, youtube channels and hair charts are a bit overwhelming and confusing. Also, is it better to buy a protein treatment or make your own. Is one better than the other? Thanks for your time.

    • lisa says

      Sealing is best after your hair has been styled and is dry and moisturized. The sealant locks in any moisture in your hair and I typically do it after I take my rods out. Sounds like you are doing good.

      I make my own protein treatment with eggs, honey, mayo and oil. But the store-bought Aphogee protein treatment is GREAT. Natural is usually better and will save you some money, but nothing wrong with buying one either.

  18. Crystal says

    Hi, my 10yr old daughter transitioned for 6 months, she did the bic chop a few days ago. I didn’t expect her twa to be so thick and extremely dry after the big chop. I’m currently using Shea moisture’s products but it’s not keeping her hair moist. What is a good product I can use on her hair to detangle and moisturize it? Her hair type appears to be 3c with extreme tight coils.

  19. Tyhara says

    Hello Lisa,
    I simply love your twist outs…. May I ask why you keep them in for only about a week? I haven’t had a perm in 8weeks that’s been the longest for me since I was 17 an now I’m 27 I’ve been flat ironing a lot for the past two weeks. Just hearing your story and due to the fact my aunt went natural I’m seriously considering going o the hair store tomorrow lol. My hair is about bob length and its thick and nappy like a African literally…. My aunt actually told me to but the Taliah Waajid I bought some I haven’t used it yet though…. Is they’re anything you recommend I use when I do a rod set? I just want to know cause if I can see how a rod set looks on me then maybe that will be a start for me…. Cause on the real I’m not even feeling the flat iron look like that anymore, probably because I’m seeing all this beautiful natural hair. I’m aware it’s difficult responding to everyone. Hope to hear from you!

  20. Erin M says

    A quick question. My last perm was 4 months ago. I have about 1 1/2 inch new growth and only 2-3 inches of permed short hair due to a short hair cut last summer. My hair is too short for twists, rods,knots. I am so ready to moisturize my natural hair and stop the flat iron due to my hair feeling very dry and crispy. Any suggestions on protective styles( no weave ,braids due to tender scalp). What shall I do? How. Can I moisturizer daily with a half relaxed natural do? Is it time for big chop and rock a tiny tiny Afro?

  21. Brionna says

    (15 yrs ) Hi, i decided to stop getting relaxers, my last one was about 7 months ago, i want to go natural . every night i braid my hair up and wet it with a little olive oil cream and before school everymoring i take them out and wear it curly ?\. is this healthy ? Im not really seeing any growth either . any help or reccomendations ? also im a diabetic type 2.

  22. Tanya Toussant says

    I am going to follow you from now on. I’m 14 months transitioning and I’m sick of weaves. So ready to look and be proud of my own hair, but I have a torn rotator cuff tear on my right shoulder and can’t lift my arm up far enough to take care of my hair.

    Should I continue with these annoying weaves? I hate them.

  23. Flo says

    Hello sis! Tomorrow my annoying itchy weave comes out and I am going to start my natural hair journey with 2 strand twists. I’m a total beginner..i know next to nothing about hair aside from the fact that it grows and needs to be shampoo-ed and conditioned from time to time..I’m tired of relaxers, braiding, plaits with extensions and people touching and messing with my hair. It’s quite long but just doesn’t grow how I want it to. At times I haven’t been bothered with it and just let it get hard and dry it’s annoying but I’ve been told I have nice hair and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to grow it so am going to take the challenge. As a student I need to spend wisely and the less headaches the better. There’s so many products that the natural people use and so much to remember. I’m still trying to get my head around it. I also live in the UK so not sure if some of the products that have been mentioned I will find in the stores but I’m going hunting tomorrow. So far I’ve got some info here and there. I have a few questions for starting up:
    I will be using loc and twist gel organic stimulator. When is the longest I can leave the locs in before taking it out?
    How long should i leave my hair un -twisted before shampooing and doing the twists again?
    Can you explain to me the pre-poo-ing process?
    Also, i’ve seen mango and lime twist sprays that come with nozzles and normal bottle. Do you know about these? I have never tried them before
    Sorry about the long post I literally don’t know anyone around me who is going natural or is growing their hair naturally

  24. Bridgette says

    Help, myself and my daughter have committed to going natural, she use to have soft puffy thick hair when younger, no that she is 19 and she has been receiving perms for years, I notice that as her new growth is coming in it is very course and hard. Please help with what conditioners shampoo’s I can use to help soften up her hair and retain moisture, she has been perm free since December, but her hair grows really fast and she has a lot of new growth. What leave-in’s are good and oils. I have just started, but I have always braided my hair up when I wanted a crinkly look, but now I don’t want to use setting lotion or mousse to maintain, I would like to use natural products to help maintain this style and to help with my transition. Please help.

  25. Keisha says

    I have only been perm free for 4 months, so my ends are still straight. After I wash & condition what can I twist my hair with & will I be able to untwist it the next day or do I leave it twisted for a few days? Please help me.

    • neceyluv says

      Hey Keisha! You can use perm rods or flexi rods to twist your hair and yes you can take them down the next day.

      • Brionna says

        ive been perm free for 7months and my ends are also still strait . if i continue to stay perm free willl my ends thicken and curl up like my roots ??

  26. Rhonda says

    i am considering doing a Big Chop but im hesitant because of large alopecia spots on the temples of my head, i dont want them to be noticed so my question is
    how can i tell what is my natural hair and what is still permed hair left? , i have alot of split ends, breakage and dryness so im constantly tryna cut the “so called” bad parts of my hair out, but i think im damaging it more
    i appreciate any help

    • neceyluv says

      Hey Rhonda! Why do you think trimming your hair is damaging it? Is your hair still long enough to somewhat hide your edges as they grow out?

      Your natural hair is going to be thicker, wavier, curlier….and growing straight from your scalp. The permed hair on the ends will still be straight.

    • Rhonda says

      I say im damaging it cause its still badly shedding, even when i trim it, and i think thats why my hair wont grow any further
      The middle of my hair is longer than the hair close to the alopecia areas, so i just wear a fro with a headband or scarf to cover it
      i saw your video on how to keep a rod set using the aloe vera gel and the BB foam wrap lotion, im thinking about trying to rod my hair to see if that style will work to possibly hide it and stop it from shedding maybe

      • neceyluv says

        Hey again! This isn’t Lisa….I just come her to visit and help other transitioners, if I can. If your hair is still shedding, it is in need of weekly deep moisturizing and/or protein treatments. I’m pretty sure Lisa has a couple of homemade recipes (using ingredients like mayonnaise, yogurt, avocado, EVOO) for both of these hair conditions. I would focus on this for the next couple of months in order to get your hair back to a healthy state. I think the rod set style will help hide your edges, too.

        You’ll also want to stay clear of alcohols, parabens, silicones, etc., and make sure you use a non-sulfate shampoo. You’ll want to use as many natural ingredients as you can. That’s why so many of us use homemade products, because we can control the ingredient and use all healthy stuff! Our hair loves water! Drink plenty of it, too!

        If you haven’t already, please feel free to sign up for the forum. We have lots of fun there, and you’ll get a ton of ideas, encouragement, and support! Best of luck! Hope to see you there soon!

      • lisa says

        Necey is right! Your hair is lacking moisture, protein, has split ends or all/some of the above. Trimming is not what is causing the breakage. If it’s still breaking then it’s weak from some of the reasons mentioned. Do you deep condition your hair?

        • Rhonda says

          Thank you so much Necey for that info, and i will check out the forum

          Hi Lisa
          i condition my hair with Motions-Critical Protection and Repair Conditioner, i do that every other week, i usually apply it and put a cap on and leave it on for about 1-2 hours then rinse
          i dont have a clue if its actually doing any good
          i use the Motions shampoo too
          i would like to start using a homemade method but what do u think i should start with since im a beginner

          • BP says

            Hi, this is my first time here but I noticed you mentioned Motions. I as well as a few ppl I know haven’t had the best luck with that product line. One person had serious issues which was timely for me bc it was during the time I tried a few products and found my hair more brittle. Although this was some yrs ago, I have never picked anything from that line again. I am transitioning just to get as chemical free as I can using WEN. I am looking for hairstyles and love the info I have read here. The product suggestions and recipes sound like options I will try soon. Just wanted to share about Motions since you mention shedding.

      • Kenisha says

        Thank you! I love your blog! Of all the ones I’ve seen on You Tube, yours is the the only one I follow. You’re very down to earth and keep it real with the hair info and knowledge! Thanks for putting your natural hair journey out there!

  27. Carnettia says

    I relaxed my hair on December 21, 2012. I’m seriously thinking about going natural. My hair is not as full as I would like it to be and I am tired of all the harsh products and heat applied to it to keep it straight. When I was young I had soft curly hair which I hated at the time, will my nice hair texture come back?

    • neceyluv says

      Hi Carnettia! It sounds like you’d like to go back to your natural hair! I’m not a scientist so I won’t say that our hair grows back exactly the way it did before relaxing it. But, I will say that your hair will be fuller, stronger, and more healthier in its natural state. Natural hair comes in all textures. I started transitioning about a year ago with a very short hairstyle (which was also thinning), and now it’s very full/curly/wavy/kinky….and I love each and every strand! What I’ve learned is that there’s nothing at all wrong with our natural hair, its all about learning how to properly take care of it that makes all the difference. I will also tell you that when you do the same, you will love your hair no matter what texture it is! Going natural has been very liberating; I feel like ME!

  28. Tbarb says

    My daughters and I have been transitioning since May 2011. Only a few strands of permed ends left on the youngest. (NO BIG CHOPS) my question is about daily moisturizing. Oils just won’t do. I read about using a basic moisturizing conditioner (like Tresemme) and sealing with a natural oil (of your choice). Of course you must apply some water before using the products. (Tried it for a few days. Works well) Here in the south, sometimes cold/winter weather comes in spirts. What can I do? We can’t leave out with wet heads. I guess what I’m looking for is something that will give moisture and shine to our hair before leaving for work and school. I have tried with the oldest doing her hair at night but once the scarf is removed it’s dull and dry.
    Looking forward to your response.

    • lisa says


      When I apply my moisturizer, I seal it with Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine. These keeps my hair softer and locks in the moisture better. I’ve learned to keep experimenting with products until I find what works. Your texture largely depends on how your finished look appears so I say to keep experimenting with different combos and know that I can’t necessarily recommend something since your hair responds differently to products.

    • lisa says

      Hi Sacha

      I’ve never used that shampoo so all I can say is experiment. I mix and match shampoos and conditioners all the time. :)

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