8 Natural Hair YouTubers You Should Watch!

I was never one to spend a great deal of time watching videos on YouTube… that is… until I started my natural hair journey.

Over the last 10 months I have become completely obsessed with the tutorials, product reviews, and banter regarding natural hair.

If you watch a lot of natural hair videos, no doubt you are familiar with some of the popular channels like kimmaytube, taren916, BlackOnyx77, Naptural85, NikkiMae2003, AfricanExport, etc.

However, I wanted to take the time to highlight some channels on the rise.  They may not have 5-digit subscribers (yet), but they are definitely on their way and worth watching!


If I had to give an award for “Best Video Production” it would definitely go to Ms. CharyJay.  It won’t take long for you to note the creativity, quality and time she puts into every single video.

CharyJay transitioned for a year and she does a great job of documenting various styles she sported along the way.  After her big chop (which she videotaped), she continues to wow her subbies with funky, fresh styles that range from pin-up twists to the fluffy fro.

She recently started a series called “Natural Beauties in The City.”  CharyJay, along with two of her friends, make their appearance in various spots across the Detroit area while engaging in discussions on natural hair.

You may need popcorn for this channel. 😉


There is a genuineness and quiet confidence about her presentation that is undeniable and infectious.   She just recently published a braid-out fro hawk video that was quite fierce.  This woman definitely lives up to her YouTube username.  No doubt she loves bein’ natural!


If you are sporting a TWA and are struggling with styling options, JenellyBean is your go-to girl. I enjoy watching her create so many styles with her hair.  She’s definite proof that you don’t need long hair or a defined curl pattern to mix it up and keep it fly!

Jenell just started a forum for natural hair that I have been frequenting.  Check it out and join in the discussions!


Talking about mixing it up!  You might find anything from spoofing other popular YouTubers to reviews on ATL Housewives. And of course there are a handful of natural hair videos to watch as well.

Her vibe is always the same… positive and classy.  LuBellaCoils exudes confidence and makes her subbies feel at home even though she may not be.  Her job keeps her on the road, but thank goodness the camera allows us to tag along with her!

I’ve also enjoyed the mini documentary with her young niece who is transitioning to natural hair.  What a great role model for a young girl to have in a world where weaves and straight hair are still the more accepted and preferred style of choice (especially for the younger generations).

Warning: Her conversational tone will have you talking back to your computer screen. 😉


As much as I preach about embracing your own hair texture on this site, I cannot lie.  Her videos drum up a bit of (dare I say) hair pattern envy. LOL

I love watching her manipulate those coily locs, and you will get a nice dose of styling versatility on this channel.

P.S.  Is it me or does she favor Erykah Badu?


Ms. LaLa’s channel has over 1500 subscribers in just a few months, and with good reason…

Her hair is amazingly thick, long and beautiful.  When straightened, it flows past the middle of her back and almost to her waist.  She’s definitely my hair SHE-RO!  Subscribe for her healthy hair tips!


I really dig Nia’s humble, down-to-earth presentation.  While many women complain of their significant others not being on board with their decision to go natural, Nia’s beau actually helped her with her big chop and you can watch that video on her channel.

I also appreciate her revealing videos on the acceptance of natural hair.  Real talk. Thanks, Nia!


Aside from her fabulous hair, this woman is a hoot.  She could probably make reading the phone book sound funny.  She doesn’t publish a lot of hair videos, but when she does, get ready to be entertained!


  1. Vanessa Mason says

    Thank you so much for allowing me to view natural hairstyles and the various website to go for a few ideas. This year is two years and it has grown but I usually wear a afro, because I can’t seem to be creative or their is the two left hands and can’t get the twist out correct or when I do look on some you tube styles, what looks right on them but not to becoming on me.
    May God truly continue to bless you on you natural journey and I will continue to try beautiful hair styles. But for now I just wigging it Lol.

  2. Timia says

    I said the same thing about Jerseystylezz! She looks just like her and Nia… love her too! I’m about to check out everyone else now!!

  3. NiaSoPurdy says

    aawwww! what an awesome article! thanks for mentioning and also introducing me to some youtubers i’ve never heard of before! i’ll be subscribing to these ladies!

  4. LuBellaCoils says

    I was looking around for a new natural channel to watch. There are several on this list that I need to definitely check out. Thx Lisa!

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