I’m All Natural – No Big Chop!

On September 5, 2011, I completed my 18-month transition, and I am proof positive that you can transition to natural hair without a big chop.

pic chop picture

And just to inspire you, let me just say that I am no hair stylist, and never did much to my hair when it was relaxed.  Nevertheless, I was able to complete the transition process without the aid of a stylist.

My hair was in a pretty bad state when I began the journey.  It was brittle from years of over processing due to relaxers, and I later learned I had a thyroid condition that was making my hair problem even worse (more thinning and breakage).

So if I was able to complete a long-term transition in the state my hair was in, so can you!

Here’s a video of the results and my first all-natural twist out. Enjoy!

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Here are some of my transitioning tips…

Be Patient.  Your Texture Will Likely Change

Sometimes your hair will be dry and brittle in the beginning because of scab hair — which is a protective coating that your hair follicles began making after overprocessing and years of relaxers.

The scab hair will likely stop after 3-12 months.  Everyone’s hair is different so be patient.

Also, you will never know what your true texture looks like until the last of that relaxer is gone.  Many people find that their hair is a lot more curlier after they trim the relaxer off because they don’t have the straight ends weighing the hair down.

You Probably Have Multiple Textures

This is completely normal and doesn’t mean anything is wrong.  Most people have at least 2 different textures on their head.  The top and sides of my hair have less of a curl pattern than the back.

Get Excess Shedding and Breakage Under Control

If you have excessive shedding and/or breakage (I’m talking handfuls of hair when you comb it), seek help from a professional.

Don’t let that issue discourage and stop you from transitioning.

Of course, you will have some breakage when you transition (the amount varies), but if you are seeing a lot and noticing your hair getting super thin, don’t be afraid to get help — especially if you’re shedding a lot.

Breakage is normal, but excess shedding (hair loss from the root) may indicate a health problem (thyroid, anemia, iron deficiency etc.)   Be careful about using the Internet to diagnose your hair problem because no one can actually see what’s going on.

Most of us bloggers are not professionals — we’re just sharing our experiences.  I can only make suggestions based on what I’ve learned with my own hair.

Consult with a local stylist who is skilled with managing transitioning and natural hair.  Be careful about seeking advice from someone who does not generally handle natural/transitioning hair.

They might discourage you or tell you that you can’t transition.  Remember, they often fear losing business so their advice can be biased.  I know it’s tough, but you may have to part ways from your long-time stylist.

Ask friends, relatives or people at your church for a recommendation.  With so many naturals around today, it shouldn’t be hard to get a referral.

Someone who knows how to manage natural hair will be able to tell you more about your situation and advise whether or not it’s the relaxer, transition or something else that is causing your excess breakage/shedding.

Consider trying a transitioning kit.  It may help get your problem under control.

Be Careful With Product Suggestions

It’s so tempting to copy someone else’s routine and products, but your hair is probably not like their’s.  Yes, you can use sites like this as a guide and you may be able to take some recommendations, but YOU have to experiment to find what YOUR hair likes.

I did spend more money than I would have liked in the beginning, but it was worth it because I discovered my staple products and didn’t spend much money after I figured out what my hair liked.

Also, learn how to save money using homemade products.

Keeping Your Hair Moisturized is Key

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to keep your hair moisturized. This will ensure your hair stays strong and prevent breakage.

There are certain things you must keep in mind about moisturizing — such as water is the foundation for moisture and oils are sealants, not moisturizers.

Make sure you read my guide to moisturizing your hair.

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out my length just 2+ years after my chop.  This is what natural hair can do if you wear a lot of low manipulation styles (mini twists are my favorite) and minimize heat.  My hair has never been this long.

hair growth


Thinking of transitioning? Start by reading my do’s and dont’s of transitioning, transitioning guide and learn what to expect during your journey.

If you just big chopped and need some advice, go here.

Need ideas for transitioning hairstyles?  Click here.


  1. Schwano says

    Lisa, what an amazing journey. You learned so much and taught us a lot about our hair and products. I know it took a lot of patience to achieve this goal but you did it and with style. Congrats on graduating from “you tube university” (smile)

  2. Dionne says

    Way to go…congrats..I’m so happy to hear that someone went narutal without the Big chop. I’m going natural, it has been 5 months. I’m trying go without the big Chop..it is hard finding styles, but I’m hanging in their, it’s gets better everyday…. Thanks

      • says

        hey lisa.my hair is straighten.and i used to go to the hair salon a lot.but ive kinda been getting home perms.and always always flat iron my hair.and i think its a little damaged.but i wanna try to get natural hair curls.ive been doing research on how to and what to use.and this is my first time.trying to go natural.do you know what kind of products i could buy possibly at a low price that i can use to get natural curls?by the way my hair is medium (in length ; stops by my neck)please help me :( i really wanna get my hair natural.and stay natural.!!!!!! :) :)

  3. shar-Ron hardy says

    Wow…..God blessed you with patience to wait it out unlike me who could take the two textures after 7 months!! Kudos to you and for sharing with us as you journey through these 18 months. Im exicted to see more!!!

  4. Cynthia says

    Lisa, Thanks so much for this site and for sharing your experiences with us! You have encouraged and inspired more people than you’ll ever know! I have been quietly following you since I began what I hoped to be a long-term transition. My last relaxer was on June 10, 2010. I intended to do an 18 month transition but I decided to mini chop of all the hair in back in May, so I made it 11 months. I cut off the rest of the straight ends at the top and very front of my hair in mid-August. It was so liberating to rid myself of the straight ends and I have so much more styling versatility now! However, I’m a creature of habit and have mostly been doing twistouts. I decided to log on tonight to look into incorporating some new styles into my routine. I was wondering how your transition was going and decided to stop by your site. I was so happy to see that you made your goal and are 100% natural! When I saw this video, I was laughing and celebrating along with you! I was so happy for you that I just had to post a comment (which is something I rarely do)! Congratulations!!! And thanks!!!!

  5. rockshana says

    what hair products did you use. I am trying to go natural and i feel like my hair was just like yours as you started your process

  6. Carlyn says

    I made up my mind to start growing natural last month.last relaxed my hair in August.i had gone natural before and i know it’s a long process.might go college still halfway.i’ll be following your videos on youtube cuz you got some inspiring ones.

    • lisa says

      Hi Jovita,

      For shampooing, Come Clean by Kinky Curly. For a rinse-out condish and leave in I use Kinky Curly’s Knot Today. For deep condish, I use Organics Olive Oil Replenisher. For twists, I use lots but my faves are Taliah Waajid Lock it Up, Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel and Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercreme.

  7. Kim says

    Lisa , your hair is adorable. I have been trying to go natural have needed a touch up for a month but stayed strong. I have a short hair cut, tried a twist out and even though it was cute the first day, after sleeping on it -was a disaster so I had to re- do it. i also went to the salon and got a roller rod set and again it looked good the first day but that was it (money down the tube).
    I actually bought some creamy crack today but dont want to use it but feel I have no choice in order for my hair to be presentable for work and the awful holiday parties- I am also in the process of buying a home and will be moving so with so much going on , I cant dedicate so much time to my hair right now. thought I might try this again after the first of the year. I feel rather bad for I do have at least an inch of new growth. I have never done weaves and don’t care for them but someone mentioned adding lock strands during transition…any knowledge of this?

  8. CC says

    I NEVER leave comments on anyone’s site, but yours has inspired me so much that I would have been remissed not to show you love! I am a little over 18 months in my natural transition, and thanks to the sew-ins that have carried me through this journey, I am planning to let it “all out” early next year! I originally began my journey because of my workout routine that tried to murder my hair, lol. Not only was I getting relaxers, but I had highlights. So with flat ironing damp hair (because I didn’t have enough time in the mornings to allow it to completely dry) I quickly realized I needed a new game-plan. My hair is to the next extreme of thick, but it is surprisingly manigable as well. My last visit to the stylist who does my sew-ins was Soooooooooo exciting! All of the relaxer is fully gone and my hair was so tightly curly and bouncy— just like how it was when I was a little girl :) So I made the decision right then and there that I am going to put on my big girl panties and next month kiss the weave good bye! I have been a little nervous because all my life I’ve had the straight, long pretty hair, and I’m honestly a little nervous about the initial reaction from those close to me. But with half of my girlfriends now rockin’ the neubian naturalista look, I know I will have a strong support group. I am going to let my stylist do the twists for me initially. Any advice on products that I must have with me to ensure this will be a smooth transition? I know there are soooo many out there, but I’m going to start with the must haves first. Thanks so much for “listening” and sharing your journey with me :)

  9. Sade says

    Hi Lisa!
    Just wanted you to know that my last relaxer was on Dec 14th of 2011 (yeah, about 4 weeks ago) and I’ve decided that I wanna to go natural. I haven’t yet decided whether I wanna big chop or do a long transition, but what I can tell you is that you have inspired me to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for years now, but haven’t had the nerve to do, and that’s rock my hair the way the good lord intended me to. Thank you so much Lisa for documenting your journey. You’re truly a blessing to those of us who want relaxers to be a thing of the past, but may not be brave enough to take that leap. Keep doing what you do because you do it so well. :D

  10. Leslie Jones says

    Hi Lisa

    I must say I am amazed @ the beautiful hair styles you have simply gorgeous!!!! I decided to go natural becaused of the perm damage my hair was long and getting more damged:( but your website really inspired me out of all the youtube videos I have been watching i started running around buying products :( but now I have to get to no my hair it takes time but I have do for what’s best for my hair, all of my sisters are natural they really encourage me to be natural because I sure need it so please say a prayer because this a journey that I have to ride out !!!:) :)

  11. Deidre says

    I’m following ur videos on youtube. i’m five months transitioning and it’s a long process.i love the hairstyle inspired by keke5228 i think?can’t get the numbers right.i had relaxer for one year then went back to relaxer and then i returned to relaxer for three years now i’m growin back natural.lol.i’ve made up my mind 2 never go back because of the damage.learnt twice and there won’t be a third time.but it’s a long journey.amazing videos.

  12. Leslie Jones says

    Hi Lisa
    Hope all is well I just can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! with your website I just wanted to share that, I am now into my 3rd month of transitioning I had some fail attemps but I did a lot research on styles and finally what works for my hair you tube is the best!!!! but your website & the techniques were WONDERFUL !!!! & IT WORKS:)especially when I pre -poo my hair amongst other things:) Oh by the way I became a product junkie in the beginning but its ok!!!LOL bcuz now I know what works for my hair I’m lovinggggggggggggg it GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR WEBSITE!!!:)))
    and all the naturals in the world!!!

  13. Florence says

    Okay, I knew it was possible to transition without the big chop. I’m there in my mind and your comment that natural hair is different for everyone really resonated with me. MY natural is just for me and no one can define it for ME. Thanks, Lisa.

  14. Tiara says

    Hi Lisa
    Thank God I found your website. I am 9 months relaxer free and I just started wearing my hair out. I really love your product list. I am in the process of seeing what works best for my hair.

  15. says

    I found your site by looking for transitioning hairstyles. I must say that you’ve taught me a lot, and that I love the hairstyles you posted.

  16. Brandi says

    Lisa! Your first twist-out had me ROLLING!!! More so at myself than at you because this morning I was SWEATING trying to style my hair. I’ve only been transitioning for 4 months so 90% of my hair is relaxed and a HOT MESS! I’m going to be on your site EVERYDAY! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. : )

    • lisa says

      Girl, wasn’t that twist out a hot mess?????? LOL Hang in there girl, it gets better. Promise.

  17. Vanessa says

    Hey Lisa my name is Vanessa…I am a natural. I started out transitioning back in late September/ early October 2011, but at one point my permed ends began to stick straight out and I just went ahead and cut the rest out. I only had about two inches by then. It wasn’t too bad, my hair was already short as a had a partially tapered fro going after getting a few inches of my inverted bob cut off. I believe I have 4a hair. It’s what my hairdresser describes as very curly hair and tends to get very frizzy depending on what I do to it. I have been battling with retaining moisture lately. I have tried several products and I found that I love Nourish and Shine, As I Am co wash and leave in (they also have a deep consditioner), I just started using Organic Roots Stimulator twisting gel. I also like the Organic Roots Stimulator Deep Replenishing Conditioner. Mostly I rock a fro, but I am gonna try some other styles since have some length now. I did do the flower thing with my hair last Sunday and the members at my home church LOVED it! I am so happy I made this decision to become a natural…I just can’t see myself going back to perms. I just got tired of my hair only being a certain length (wouldn’t get past shoulder length, which is why I kept cutting it) and then the burning of perms. Usually after one wash my perms would not last and I got tired also of trying to find a perm that would last in my hair since it’s so thick. As I was growing out my perm, I noticed that my hair itched a lot…at first I thought it was dandruff…but it was my new growth…and I discovered that my scalp was just not used to my natural texture. I tried everything and it would not stop itching. However, now that I think about it, I can’t even remember when it stopped because it doesn’t do it now unless it’s time to wash it. Plus, I don’t get flaky scalp like I did with perms. Go figure. I don’t knock perms though cause I know a lot of ladies still use them, they are just no longer for me. Anyhoo, I really enjoyed ur site…it was one of my first inspirations last year when I decided to go natural….I actually didn’t even know it was a trend when I started…that’s how out of tune with today’s fashion I am…I’m with it now!!!! You stay blessed because I believe God places people in ur life at some point to help you in what ever journey you have…with my hair journey I come again and again to this site. Thanks for letting Him use you for this purpose cause I’m sure a lot of people get discouraged along the way. I almost did, but kept trying…it’s really worth it!

    • lisa says

      Thanks so much for this encouraging reply. I’m so glad you didn’t give up. Yes, relaxers really do dry the scalp and I have naturally dry scalp anyway so it was worse for me. So happy for you lady!

  18. Vanessa says

    Hey Lisa this is Vanessa again…please feel free to leave any tips/advice that you have recently discovered for the caring and maintainance of natural hair. I had my hair dresser deep condition and twist it for me yesterday cause when I noticed some split ends I got worried (I’m still a newbie!), how ever she did not trim my ends. My main concern is to retain moisture so I don’t experience a lot of breakage or have the split ends. I just went ahead and clipped a little off my ends this morning as I was taking out my twists and applied Nourish and Shine. It seemed to help…anyhoo thanks again! 7 months natural and going strong!!!

    • lisa says

      Hi Vanessa

      I’ve experienced this a bit too and I think it’s due to my habits when taking down my twists. Sometimes I don’t unravel fully and I pull them so they snag a bit. Not good. Now I try to ensure my ends stay moisturized with oils and I pay more attention to applying conditioner and oils to my ends. I just wrote a post on keeping the hair moisturized here http://napturallycurly.com/moisturizing-dry-transitioning-hair/

    • lisa says

      Oh and even though it’s for transitioning hair, you can still use the same advice for naturals.

  19. Rachelle says

    my question is did you texturize your hair then try to go natural? 2. what products did you wash your hair with? I also want to thank you for this wonderful website this is really inspiring me. :)

  20. Wan says

    I have enjoyed watching your hair journey. I am in my 11th month of transitioning and have recently cut off most of those unwanted relaxed ends. I love wearing my hair in a puff but when it comes to two strand twist it is always a disaster! LOL LOL
    My hair type is 4c and oftentimes the dryness is unbearable; however, I will continue to work at it until I get it right. You Tube has also been my inspiration because there were times that I just didn’t want to step out of the house b/c my hair was a mess. Thanks for posting your journey and keep it up…! 


  21. Tiffany says

    Im transitioning and have been without a relaxer since April im so determined but due to my hair being broke off soooooo bad from where I bleached the back half of my hair. Im at a point where im trying to decide if I want to do the big chop. I have so much dead ends by time I chop off the damage ill be short anyway. That’s where im at in my transitioning. I need advice help

    • lisa says

      Hi Tiffany

      With that much damage you may want to consider cutting and if you’re not comfy with the length, you can get extensions until your hair grows out. A LOT of people do that when they have to cut their hair. I would rather you do that then try to nurture your fried hair. I think that will be much more frustrating than chopping it. That’s what I’d do anyway. Trying to hold on to damaged hair thru a transition will be rough. Hang in there!

      • Tiffany says

        Thanks sooo much for that advice Lisa, and that makes alot of since because im trying soo hard to keep the damage hair from looking sooo rough and dry that its hard focusing on the other parts of my hair. My top half of my hair is in pretty decent shape i think cutting my ends will make the top half of my hair more healthier looking but just cant seem to get this back looking decent. So i just might take you up on your advice and do the “big chop” I will keep you updated on the outcome when i decide to chop it off. I also want to thank you for putting your time into this website its very helpful and i appreciate you taking time to answer any questions and giving helpful advice. You keep me thinking positive. Thanks girl!

  22. Leslie Jones says

    Hi Lisa

    Hope all is well just wanted to give you an update since my last email to you 7months transitioning & I’m excited my hair has really grown out, I couldnt believe it !!!!:) I have been really taking time & finding out what works for my hair but I’m loving it just wanted to thank you once again for your website!!!! Stay Blessed!!!!!:)

  23. Sharon Ricard says

    Hi Lisa,

    Let me start off by saying I’m very excited and nervous at the same time for this transition. I’ve been wanting to do this for months, but as you know you become very unsure of the unknown. My thinking is there isn’t anything wrong with changing your look to suit your personal style, i.e. relaxers, wigs, weave, etc., so if you decide to go natural as GOD created you, no one should criticize your choice as well.

    I just recently decided to go natural. I’ve been wearing my hair short for a while and my last relaxer was in May 2012. Since that time I used a little texturizer along the crown so as not to have the coarseness there, but as your video points out it doesn’t really straighten that much, but you can get hooked on that idea by saying that to yourself….I hope I can stay away from the texturizer…lol.

    My hair is shorter in the back, so my natural texture is starting to form. I did notice that my hair had started getting dry and brittle, so after watching some of your videos I decided to buy some non sulfate products as you suggested; ex: Shea Moisture products. Since I didn’t go to Sally’s to research the ones you used, I’ll finish these bottles and see if there is a moisture difference…I’ll let you know how that works out.

    This is my journey also. You have been such an inspiration for me. I just googled how to transition from relaxed to natural and your site popped up, so that’s really good on your part. It shows you’ve helped others throughout.

    I love all of your hairstyles…I really can’t wait. Thanks for being a blessing by sharing.


    • lisa says

      Happy to be here to help, Sharon. I wish you the best. Experimentation is really the best way to learn what your hair likes and it sounds like you are on the right track.

      • Sharon Ricard says

        Hi Lisa,

        The transition was taking a toll on me…lol. I found that I had to rod set every day for my hair to look descent. Then I tried the bantu knots which were ok, but again since my hair was shorter in the back, that was harder to do. Throughout this transition, I kept cutting and cutting and cutting. I was so scared to cut all of the relaxer off, but I just got tired and so I did. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about my short fro, but I must say I like it. I’ve had a few comments thrown at me that weren’t very nice, but it’s ok. People will talk about you no matter what, so I’m good.

        I can’t wait until my hair starts to grow longer and I can begin to wear different styles. I’m natural and free.

        Thank you,

  24. says

    Hey! This is a great journey! I am currently 6 weeks post relaxer and beginning to blog about my experiences on youtube and Facebook, my page is titled ShantesNaturalVanity on both websites. I am curious as to your hair type, I know alot of naturals get caught up in this but I have seen any very strong 4bs and I was wondering if this was you or, if not then what are you? Ofcourse, I do not yet know mine as I do not have enough new growth to determine that. I am also going without a big chop and I plan to long term transition for up to 2 years. In short, your page is much inspiration and thanks for sharing with us all <3

    • lisa says

      I say I’m 4b but then again my hair doesn’t zig zag like the chart says. The back of my hair is def 4a ’cause I get those S spirals but it’s not like that all over. But the rest really has no pattern at all. So I really don’t know! lol

  25. Robyn says

    Hello Lisa,
    I just came across your site looking for information (researching) about transitioning. My hair is relaxed right now but I’ve been thinking about going natural. I love your site & really appreciate your tips. I’m still not sure if I’m going to transition but I am adding your site to my list of favorites while I decide if I really want to take this journey! : )

  26. NiNi says

    Hello Lisa. First of all let me start by saying I absolutely love your site and your tips on transitiong without the BC. Thank You. I haven’t had a relaxer since April 4, 2012 which is odd for me since I was use to getting a relaxer every 3 weeks. In June I got senegalese twist that I have kept for 2 monts in plan on taking them down a week from now. Within this time I have decided to go natural. I was wondering with all the research I have done and speaking with family members who are natural “Where do I start after I take down my senegalese twist?” Do I do a pre-poo, shampoo, co-wash, leave-in conditioner, or etc? Any suggestions you can give me will be a big help. Again Thank You!

    • lisa says

      All the above. LOL If nothing else you need that deep conditioning treatment. More than likely your hair is drier than normal (unless you were good about keeping it moisturized while twisted) so you want to nurture it with as much moisture as you can. I would actually shampoo instead of co-washing though. You want to make sure you get any build up out of your hair since it hasn’t been shampooed outside of the twists in two months.

  27. chenese says

    Hi Lisa, I have been transitioning since January which I had micro braids since and I took them out last month ( had them done in february and redone in may). I have not did the BC because recently i decided to flat iron it just to see how long my hair has gotten and i was surprised by but it did not last but maybe 10 minutes because i went outside. Today I bought some rods and I really hope this lasts a while since my hair is so thick and also I have not began to get my ends trimmed yet.Like i said before i really the rod set looks good because I am so frustrated at this point. Btw your twists look amazing, i tried to do mine in smaller twists a couple of nights ago but since my ends are straight my fiancee says i look like the brat when she had all those plats lol. A little encouragement would go along way for me.

    • lisa says

      Hi Chenese,

      The rod set was my savior! It took me a couple of times to get it right but I loved them because they lasted. Get the smaller ones and follow my rod set tutorial here (search the search box). You can do it! Hang in there. :)

  28. Sammy says

    SO Ive reached that point of total frustration with perms and weaves! I am ready to step away from the perms and the sew in weaves and glue in front pieces….. I have a short permed pixie cut about 8 months ago, then let it grow out and decided to do a fuull head a sew in weave. Its now SEPTEMBER 6 months from the time i put in this weave. It has to go ASAP. Do to health scares and me reaching 25 years of age in October I want to embrace ME… the truth in me.. my Natural. I need to be persistent with my health, fitness and health of my hair. I watch all the women in my family literally go bald or torcher their hair. I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN ADDITION. My significant other is another motivation for me to cut the perms out n start transitioning natural. I have stumbled across your website on google and i belive YOU ARE GOD SENT! You have provided all the inspiration, videos, pics and vital information for me to take this next step and cut out all these tracks and give stereotypes and Judgment the finger. lol… My question is… Do you think african extension twists are a good and healthy way to start out?? I want to start of with that style right after i remove these tracks to avoid perming and allowing more natural roots to grow in to a more comfortable length for me.

    • lisa says

      Hi Sammy, as long as your scalp is healthy and you aren’t experiencing any thinning/hair loss from the weaves, then yes that’s fine. Just make sure the extensions aren’t put in too tight. I had some extensions done at the start of my transition and my edges came out very badly. I wish you the best!

  29. Courtnye says

    I have recently decided to transition from relaxedto natural hair, and it hastily been about a month since i last used a relaxer. My only concerns are trying to find hairstyles that work for me this early in the process, and not having to do the big chop.

  30. Arlene says

    Hello I’ve just started my hair journey (3 months) I really don’t know what to do with my hair. I’ve just watch your video and its amazing. I pray I can make like you!

    • lisa says

      Hi Arlene, check the Hairstyles tab at the top and hopefully the transitioning styles will give you some inspiration. You can do it!

  31. says

    Hi Lisa, WOW!!!! you are such an inspiration! You are a star!!! I have learnt alot from your site.God Bless you and keep you Shining!! You are truly a blessing!!

    I was thinking of going natural…..I have natural hair but i am tired of braiding.This came at a time when i was asking myself so many questions & Through your site, i got all the answers! What a blessing!!

  32. Carlyn says

    Hi Lisa,
    I recently big chopped after transitioning for about 16 months. However, when I attempted to do and a wash and go, the hair on the back of my head didn’t seem to curl up like the crown and the front of my head. There were a few strands that curled up but some of them mostly turned puffy an frizzy. I took a look at my roots and they appeared to look straight. Why is it like this? Is it possibly that my texture is still forming? What do you think is causing this problem?

  33. (Naturally) Shawnie says

    Hi Lisa,
    I did it. After 10 months of growing my hair with the help of my stylist, I finally made the big chop. Now my hair is about 5 inches long. My hair has never been this short before but I’m okay with it. Now I don’t know what to do with my hair. Right now it is pressed but what do I do with my hair when it is in its natural state. The last time I remember my hair like that was when I was a very young. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks ;+)

    • lisa says

      Hi Shawnie,

      Have you tried a twist out yet? That’s usually the first go-to style after going natural. With 5 inches, you should have plenty of hair to twist. Enjoy!

  34. Bev Lee says

    I’ve started transitioning. I like your advice for transitioning without the big chop. Thank you for adding that! This is the route I’m taking. I have saved your website as a favorite, and I continue to watch the videos as well. My journey started with the change in medications, and my hair was no longer responding to relaxers along with the sensitivity of my scalp. I’m so loving using the products and doing the flat twists and Bantu knots. Thank you for this websit.

  35. Ree says

    Hello, My name is Ranita & I’m 19 years old & I’ve just decided to go natural. I’ve gotten a perm since my younger years and i am trying to transition without the big chop like you did. What can I expect? If i should not apply head to my hair, then how will i wear it while it is going through this phase?

  36. Cherij says

    Hi! I stopped relaxing my hair last may when I began training to run a 5k. Since then I’ve completed 2 half marathons and quite a few other races. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so kind to my hair. I just didn’t know what to do with it, so I would wash then pull back into a tight bun. Now, I know that is the absolutely wrong thing to do. I admit, I was afraid of the big chop. I have a big head and shaved…just not cute. After searching online I found your site, and went out and purchased some products. I’m looking forward to going to the hairdresser and just having them cut a few inches at at time. No need for the big chop. I’m excited and inspired and want to thank you for sharing your journey. My 11 year old daughter has never had any chemicals in her hair and as long as she’s under my roof, she won’t. :) I am just so happy I can show her some alternative styles for her beautiful, thick, natural hair. I pray she will never be as clueless as her mom when it comes to caring for her own hair.

  37. lisa says

    Hi I want to ask a question. I have been natural all my life but i decided to try and relaxer and didn’t like it.So i was wondering how long would it take to go back natural?

    • lisa says


      That all depends on you. Hair grows 1/2 inch per month on average. So how long do you want your hair to be before you cut the relaxed ends? If you want 8 inches of new growth, that takes 16 months. If you only want 4 inches, that takes 8 months. It depends on how fast your hair grows and how long before you decide to cut your ends off.

  38. Vanessa says

    I am officially 1 year being natural!! I am so happy!! Your website continue to be an inspiration to me. Such a wealth of information! Keep the natural hair care information coming!! Thanks again!!

  39. Tina says

    Hi Lisa!
    I found u on YouTube and I just wanna say THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE and helpin to educate us sistas about our hair! I just started transitioning (4mnths post) for the sheer desire to love my own hair which means I gotta get HEALTHY hair. That’s what I truly want. I’m experimenting and researching and my concern is, I noticed most transition styles are pulled back off the face. I would love to do these styles, but my edges are pretty thin and bald in some spots and I wear/wore my hair down for that reason to hide it. Is there any suggestions on what I could do to get them to grow in?

    I notice most ppl with thining edges contribute it to tight braids and while I’ve wore braids before, it was never very often. I can remember having this problem since I was a child and I usually just wrapped n flat ironed my hair as an adult.

    • lisa says

      Hi Tina

      If you’ve had this problem since a child, you just may have thinner edges. A friend of mine has this issue. Nevertheless you can wear a silk scarf around your edges if you want to wear your hair off your face. The silk will keep from pulling/tearing/tugging at your edges.

      Also try massaging castor oil into your hair nightly to see if that will help stimulate growth. This may not work if your edges are naturally thin, but if you’ve lost hair due to pulling/tight styles, it could help.

  40. Jessica says

    I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that you have inspired me today!! I have not had a touch-up since March 28, 2013, I am just beginning and I am already frustrated. Watching your video gave me the inspiration to continue with this journey. I have really course hair and I have been getting relaxers since I was 8 so I am eager to see what it will look like. I usually wear a short hair cut, but I decided to rock an asymetric so now one side of my head is “nappy” and the other still has some relaxer because of the length. Still debating if I should cut that one side or not. Right now I think I will rock a roller set because I am not sure how I want to wear it. Well thank you again for posting your videos, have a blessed one girl!!!

  41. Shikema says

    This is what I was wondering… could I transition without having to do a BIG CHOP??? I’m glad I read this. I was just afraid to do the BIG CHOP because my relaxed hair is so long. I just don’t know what to do with my hair while transitioning. I’ve tried braids, twist outs, the whole nine… I sweat a lot at work and the sweating starts on my scalp so my roots curl up when I sweat and once it dries I’m left with bushy roots. I don’t know what else to try. I’ve only been transitioning for 5 months now but I need all the help I can get.

  42. Shelly005 says

    hi miss lisa shelly hre!
    ive finanally decided to go for it! just thought you’d like to kno. ive been so inspired by you and the other women here that it just made me lean to this side more, that is helped me in making my tough call. :) now im waiting for my relaxer to start wearing down. I even identified my hair type from vague childhood memories of my natural hair. been doing alot of research and stuf of prodcuts and steps i should take when going through this process and even when im alrede a natural. i understand that not all methods and products may work for me but i am open to experimenting so wish me luck! :D thank you so much for lending the support and advice that i so need :) :D

    • Shelly005 says

      btw my hair from when i could remembr was 4C dnt kno what other texture i will find as i continue to go on my journey

  43. sandra says

    Hello Miss Lisa my hair is thin in the top but the rest is thick i hate when it is time to wash it because its hard to comb and I dont want it to come out can u tell me if I canhair do anything to thickin the top also howcan I get my hair like yours with the springy spirul curls

    • lisa says

      Hi Sandra,

      Spirals come from your texture so not everyone can get them. My pattern is naturally spirally with no product so the products just bring it out.

      For shampooing, divide your hair into 4-6 sections and have lots of conditioner on hand to apply to each section after you shampoo. That will prevent breakage and make shampooing easier.

    • lisa says

      Hi Sandra

      The springs come from my natural texture so you cannot make springs if your hair doesn’t do that naturally. You can only bring out whatever your natural pattern is. When I shampoo my hair I put it into 4-6 sections and do one at a time and I use lots of conditioner to keep it from getting tangled. Try massaging castor oil into the top of your head every night to improve thickness.

  44. Angie says

    Hi Lisa,
    Do you remember how many inches your hair was when you started your transition? Mine is somewhere between 5-6 inches and I’m hoping to be fully natural in about 12 months.

  45. madison Rayford says

    I am 16 and i am going Natural with out the big chop i am just kind of scared because i am in school and i think people are going to make fun of me because my hair is going to be two textures is there any advice you can give me

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