Locking in Moisture to Transitioning Hair

One of my biggest challenges has been keeping my new growth moisturized and healthy.

I’ve been doing a ton of research on blogs, YouTube, etc. to help discover what works best for my hair.

Here’s a video that addresses some methods that help keep my hair moisturized and free from breakage while I transition.

If you’re reading this via email, click here to watch the video.


  1. Ntenda says

    I did the big chop 2 days ago and my hair is really short right now. I’m having problems retaining moisture even though i’ve been moisturizing my hair daily with Dr, Miracles and alma oil. I was wondering if you could give me some tips. Also, my shrinkage is really bad and i’ve tried everything except heat on my hair to get sustained length. I’m 15 years old and i’ve got 4c natural hair.

    • lisa says

      Never heard of it. The site info seems to be lacking details. How does it actually work? The “client pictures” just looks like random pictures from the web. I’d love to see a video or something more believable. I’m not sold. Too few details.

  2. Kendra says

    Hey Lisa:

    Your website has such great information and it makes me excited that I have decided to take this journey. I just wanter to know about that spray that you spray in your hair before you seal it with the coconut oil. It sounds amazing and I wanted to know if you purchased it or if you made it yourself? Also, what are the ingredients and where would I get them if you did make it yourself. Furthermore, when do you apply that spray; during your shampoo routine or on a daily basis?

    Once again thank you sooo much.


    Nautrally Kendra

  3. SH says

    I am in the process of transitioning but have some problems. I have not had a perm since March 2011. I have some new growth. The problems is that when I wash my hair it feel dry, brittle, hard and etc..(hard to explain) I wash my hair weekly and deep condition it on a weekly basic because I workout a lot. I use products like Carol Daughters and Olive Oil Mayonnaise for deep condition, and sit under a dryer for 30 min. My problem is my hair is still dry and feel different. when I comb my hair I am still shredding hair not as much as I use. Can you please help me.

    • Bernadette says

      I am having the same problem as SH. I, too, workout a lot (i.e. 5-7 times/week). I’m am transitioning, and my hair just feels so dry and lifeless. It’s really quite depressing. What am I doing wrong? I know that Sulfates are bad, so I’m using the Organix product line of Shampoos, Conditioners, and oils.

      • lisa says

        Hi Bernadette,

        Are you deep conditioning your hair weekly? I had that dry hair at first but it was just scab hair. My hair eventually grew out of that phase after much deep conditioning and trims. Hang in there. Also stay away from any direct heat.

  4. seanisha says

    hello, im seanisha and im 14 and i just started mi transitioning 2 days ago, and im not sure if i should moisturize and seal my hair while its wet, or just wait until its dry all the time, i use wav nuevo and castor oil..i would twist mi hair up for the night and take it down in the morning..this process is chalenging people say but im not gpoing to back down..it will be a emotional roller coaster for me i am young, and will have to deal withb a lot. but i really want my hair to turn out great and need to no all the right things.

    • taye says

      if ur only two days in go about business as normal for the most part these are some of ur last days of low manipulation for a whiile so jus chill wait till u get farther into ur transition to worry bout tht im a yr n and boy its not easy right now but good luck and best wishes

      • seanisha says

        i havent got uh perm in bout 5 months, but i havent thought about going natural until last week, but right now im really thinging about doing the big chop (scary) but i have quit a bit of new growth about an inch, and havent done anything with it yet.

  5. Danielle says

    OMG!!!! I am having the hardest time with my transition…. Im very proud of myself because i have yet to have second thoughts on getting a relaxer. My Last relaxer was March 5th and I have a short hair cut with permenant dye…Let me tell you keeping my hair moisturized is the hardest thing right now Its soaks up anything I put in it. I am trying to not be a product junkie as you put it, but I feel the products Im using are not working at all. The Carols Daughter Black Vanilla is good while my hair is wet but soon as it dries its just that dry and brittle and the same goes for the Margarite Magic…….anyway I have the slightest Idea how to style my hair because its short and I have two left hands…lol sorry to be writing a book I just dont want to give up on my Journey of Rocking what GOD gave me…lol. I am having alot of breakage. LISA PLEASE Help…..LOL

    • SH says

      I am having the same problem with Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo, Smoothie, the leave-in conditioner my hair becomes so dry and brittle. I notice when I put the Smoothie in its makes it soft until I take it out. Then am right back where I started can’t comb my hair so thick and dry. I see so much breakage makes me very nervous.

      Lisa can you please help me as well.

      • lisa says

        Do you deep condition? I had this problem in my early months of transitioning. You are in month 4 and that’s about when I was able to turn things around. Deep condition your hair every week. Also before you wash your hair load it with a rinse out conditioner (buy the cheap kind like Suave Naturals or V05). Just make sure it says “moisturizing”. Leave that in your hair for at least an hour before shampooing. It will help work through any tangles and add extra moisture before shampooing. You can also add olive oil or any kind of natural oil. Again this is to help retain moisture while shampooing.

        As far as shampoos and rinse out conditioners I mainly use Giovanni products. They work sooooo well in my hair. For leave-in conditioners I use Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp. I recently tried Original Moxie’s products and LOVE THEM! But they are very expensive. Carol’s Daughter didn’t do much for me but maybe that was because I had mostly relaxed hair the last time I tried it. I haven’t tried them since I’ve been mostly natural.

        Also eliminate all direct heat on your hair if you haven’t already. That will make your hair dry too. But I think deep conditioning will really help change the elasticity and moisture in your hair over time.

  6. Sondra says

    Lisa, this is a great video and quite informative. Question about coconut oil. With what frequency do you use it, i.e., with every shampoo, or just on a daily basis. Thanks for teaching us about our hair.

    • lisa says

      On my transitioning hair I use it a few times per week. I typically moisten my new natural hair with water and then add the coconut oil. It seems to absorb better with water.

    • lisa says

      Hi teachermrw,

      I use a brand called “Now Solutions” and it’s 100% natural coconut oil. I got it on Amazon.com. Be sure it says 100% natural. A lot of the beauty supply stores sell “coconut oil” but when you read the ingredients it has a bunch of other oils and products. Sometimes coconut oil is like the 4th or 5th ingredient listed.

  7. Linda says

    Thank you again Lisa for all this helpful information. Your research is really a time saver for the lazy!

  8. Aunt Jean says

    Lookin’ good, Lis! Because of you, I’m seriously considering letting mine grow. I’ll stay tuned in to you and your transitioning before I make my final decision. Continued good luck!

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