Having Trouble With Dry, Flaky Scalp? Here’s Help!

Tea Tree Oil Stops Dandruff I have battled with a dry/itchy/flaky scalp all my life.

Even though my situation did improve tremendously once I went natural, I still have issues — especially at my hairline near the forehead and also in my crown area.

For awhile, I tried mixing organic apple cider vinegar with water and applied to my scalp before and after shampooing.  I saw minimal results, but my scalp began itching/flaking 2-3 days later.

The vinegar mix seemed to work well for the itch, but not as good for the flaking.  Next, I tried adding tea tree oil to my natural oil mix and a few drops to my shampoo.

Again, minimal results.

Here’s What Worked

Finally, I tried the same tea tree oil/natural oil mix on my hair BEFORE I shampooed.  I massaged it into my scalp and left it on for an hour before shampooing my hair.

That did the trick!  I’ve been doing this for a month now and by wash day, I have some flakes but nearly as bad as before.

So here’s my easy recipe in case you want to try the same…

1) 1-2 ounces of your favorite natural oil(s).  I use jojoba oil because it closely matches the sebum that our hair naturally secretes.

2) 1-3 drops of pure tea tree oil PER ounce of oil used

Shake/mix well and add to your scalp.  I use an applicator bottle because the small tip makes it easier to distribute.  Massage it in.  Then let it sit for at least an hour before you shampoo.

Sometimes I use this same mixture to re-moisturize my scalp 2-3 days after I shampoo.  A little seems to go along way.

Hot Oil Treatments Help Too

Another dry scalp remedy I’ve found is using hot oil treatments regularly.  At the time I’m writing this, I have been doing these weekly for the past few weeks.

Not only has the treatment softened up my hair, but it keeps my scalp moisturized.

I also add a drop or two of tea tree oil to my mixture since it’s so good for dry scalp.

Update: February, 2013

I have been doing hot oil treatments for the last 6 weeks without fail and this seemed to REALLY improve my dry scalp condition.  I am currently 11 days post shampoo and barely have a single flake.

This is the first time I’ve ever done a hot oil treatment so consistently, and it appears to have a very positive effect on my scalp.

Learn more about making your own hot oil treatment here.

Hope this also works for you!


  1. says

    I have an extreme form of dandruff, so I have tried all the things. Tea tree oil for dandruff sufferers is legit lovely (though isn’t always enough to help treat my condition).

  2. Wendy says

    I used this treatment and this white girl got great results too. I have aging curly (2c/3a-b) hair and had horrible scalp problems. My hair texture has gotten more and more difficult to style as well with very kinky silvery curl streaks. Co washing worked for awhile but eventually it was just too dry. Dandruff shampoo never worked for me. I used rosemary instead of tea tree and it has been working great. My hair never looked better. I’m on my 3rd week doing a treatment 1x week and washing out with a tiny bit of tea tree shampoo after my co wash, then more conditioner. Thanks for the great tip!

  3. mary jane c says

    The thing that worked for me was argan oil but a shampoo called Pro Naturals argan oil shampoo, I got their conditioner too. Really helped a ton, I guess it was due to the sulfates in the Pantene shampoo I was using before?

  4. says

    I have serious dandruff problem. I have been looking for a dandruff product that actually works.I like natural treatment.thanks for share this post

  5. Kelli says

    I am going to try this for my daughter. Her dry scalp is extremely bad. She has patches of flakes, so I hope this works and that it’s nothing more serious.

  6. Elizabeth says

    Im going go try this my hair is flacking in the same general area which isnt fun- i was begging to get frantic and thought it was just me. Out to buy tree trea oil today!


  7. Shima says

    Thanks for this mixture!! I haven’t seen dandruff like this since I was a kid so I was panicking. I’m going to mix it up now and give it a try!! You’re website is an absolute goldmine to me!! Thanks!

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