Growing Long, Healthy Natural Hair – What You Need to Know

stretched twist out on natural hair There is so much bad information circulating about black hair growth.  I want to start by addressing the myth that black hair doesn’t grow.

First of all, if that was the case people wouldn’t need relaxers every two months.  So yes, our hair does grow, and it can even grow long.

The problem is many people have trouble retaining length (breakage) — which is a big difference from not growing.

I’ll talk about length retention later, but let’s go back to growing black hair.

Genetics Play a Huge Role

Everyone is always searching for that miracle product that will give them the long tresses they’ve always desired.  But the truth is hair growth is largely determined by genetics.

Look at the women in your family and see if you notice any kind of length pattern.

Some people simply have genes that help their hair grow faster and longer than others.  That’s definitely the case in my family.

Many women on both my mom and dad’s side have longer hair, and my hair has always grown at a pretty good rate.

Now, don’t get discouraged.  Genetics aren’t the end all be all.  It’s just something to keep in mind when you’re comparing your hair to someone else’s.

Hair Growth Products

Most products have very little impact on hair growth.  Now unless you’re talking about a prescription product like Rogaine (for thinning and balding), most products do very little.  A lot of what you see is just marketing.

Now, of course everyone has an optimal growth rate, which can be inhibited by things like diet, stress, etc. and promoted by vitamins, exercise, and eating healthy.

However, there are very few products that will make your hair grow faster than your optimal rate — which varies from person to person.

If you’re looking for a natural remedy for thinning hair, try rubbing a small amount of castor oil into your scalp every night before bed.  Castor oil is known to have a positive effect on thinning hair and is also used to thicken eyebrows.

Keep in mind, though that if your hair is thinning from over-processing with a relaxer or traction alopecia (wearing braids too tight), rubbing castor oil is not going to help unless you stop what’s causing the problem.

Hair Texture & Pattern *Does* Matter kinky hair

If your hair is super kinky (meaning your strands have a lot of bends/turns, draws up and tangles easily), then it can be more difficult to grow your hair longer.

This DOES NOT mean long hair is unattainable.  It just means that it may require more attention than someone with a looser pattern.


Because when your hair is very kinky, oils from your scalp do not travel down the strands as easily.  As a result, your hair may be dry, more brittle and prone to breakage.

Don’t get discouraged.  At least you now understand why you have trouble retaining length.

So the key is taking extra time to ensure your hair is properly moisturized and wearing a lot more protective or low-manipulation styles (rod sets, straw sets, etc).

I don’t want to create unnecessary division by mentioning hair texture because I know this is often a touchy subject in our community.

However, I felt it necessary to bring up here because like it or hate it, your hair’s texture and curl pattern definitely play a role in length retention because it affects your hair’s natural moisture level.

Hair that retains moisture, has more elasticity, breaks less and retains more length.  Dry hair is more brittle, breaks off easily and prevents you from retaining length.

There’s a myth that kinky hair is stronger because it’s more course, but it’s actually the exact opposite.  Kinky hair is more fragile than naturally straight or curly hair because of the moisture issues mentioned above.

So it’s not about trying to alter your texture or feeling discouraged because you don’t have a certain hair type.  It’s about understanding your hair, embracing it and giving it what it needs so you can have the length you desire.

natural hair t shirts

Food & Vitamins Also Strengthen Hair

What you eat can help your hair grow at its optimal rate, also make your hair stronger and prevent breakage so you maintain and gain length.

I was experiencing some brittleness and couldn’t figure out what was going on.  In fact, I had to cut a few inches because the breakage was starting to become noticeable.

Turns out I was not getting enough nutrition.  I have a bad habit of eating a lot of bad carbs/sugars, etc. and not enough fruits and vegetables.  Well, that was starting to affect my hair.

So I purchased a NutriBullet and began packing my body with vitamins and nutrients by drinking a “Nutriblast” (a smoothie made with fruits and veggies) 2-3 times a day.

I also stopped eating so poorly, and after a few days I immediately noticed a difference in the strength of my hair when combing it.  The brittleness stopped immediately.

Don’t forget how food affects your hair strength and optimal growth rate.

Protective Styles

protective flat twist style Protective styling does not help your hair grow any faster, but it helps you retain more length because you are not constantly manipulating your hair.

The ends of your hair are the most fragile because they are the oldest part.  So after all the combing, detangling, blow drying, and flat ironing, it’s very easy for your ends to become damaged.

And if you don’t get your ends trimmed regularly, they will break off.  So in order to keep your ends healthy, you have to continue to trim.

The average person’s hair grows 1/2 inch per month, so if you are losing that amount or more due to breakage then it will appear as if your hair is not growing.

Protective styles like braids, twists, up dos or any style that tucks away your ends and doesn’t require manipulation can help you retain more length.

Also, natural hair is prone to snagging on clothing (especially wool) which can cause breakage and split ends, so keep that in mind during those cold months.

Here is an example of a protective style I wore while I transitioned to natural hair.

Also remember that just because your hair is in a protective style (yes, extensions count too), don’t neglect to moisturize it.  Because when you take it down, you will have a lot more breakage due to the fact your hair has dried out.

Scalp Massages

Massaging your scalp for 20-30 minutes per day is a great habit to get into.  It increases blood flow to the scalp area and can stimulate growth.

This may be especially helpful if you have thinning edges from relaxers or weaves.  If your hair is not permanently damaged, this could help your hair grow back.

If you cannot sit and do the scalp massage all at once, do it several times per day in smaller intervals.

Natural Hair vs. Relaxed Hair Growth Growing Black Hair

I’ve also heard a lot of women claim natural hair grows faster than relaxed hair.  This is not really true.

Unless you have some kind of chemical damage from relaxers, your hair will grow at the same rate no matter if it’s relaxed or natural.  The reason why natural hair seems to grow longer is that a lot of naturals retain more length.

Now that I’m natural, I discovered I don’t need to trim my hair nearly as often.  I don’t use any direct heat on my hair like I did when I used relaxers and I wear a lot of protective styles (two strand twists).

So it may appear that my hair is growing faster.  It’s not.  I’m just retaining more length.

Below is a picture of my hair 27 months after I started my natural hair journey.  This is the longest my hair has ever been.

And the length is not just about being natural (of course that helps ’cause my hair is stronger), but not using heat and wearing a lot of low-manipulation styles like two-strand twists play a huge role in my length retention.

You can also see how much natural hair shrinks up.  My hair is about 50% longer than it appears.  That’s just something you have to deal with when you are natural.

Hair Growth After 2 Years

Got Thinning Edges?

Here are some tips to help your edges grow back.

In Summary

So I hope this article dispelled a few myths and shed some light on black hair growth.  While protective styles, diet and exercise can definitely play a role in your individual optimal hair growth rate, don’t underestimate the genetic factor.

This is not to say you cannot have long hair if you don’t have “the genes”, but it may require more patience and discipline (minimizing heat, eating healthy, constant moisture etc.) to achieve the length you desire.

How to Grow Black Hair Long More Tips for Black Hair Growth

If you need more direct assistance with growing your hair longer and healthier, you might want to check out the book Grow it Long.

It’s a 96-page book (downloadable, PDF format) with tips on how to grow longer, healthier hair by using a more effective hair care routine.

I already knew a lot of the information in the book, but my favorite part was the homemade recipes for scalp cleansing and conditioning.

I love making my own products and will definitely be trying the brown sugar scrub soon!

The author, Donna Hanover, also does a great job of explaining the different kinds of conditioners available on the market and when to use them.

If you’ve struggled with growing hair all your life, this is definitely going to be the book for you. This is the kind of information our community needs and I was happy to support Donna.  You can get Grow it Long here and download it today.


  1. Lauren-Taylor says

    Hello! I’ve been natural for 5 years but I kept my hair straight. Three months ago, I started wearing my curls and it seems as though my hair isn’t growing. The only product I use is organic unrefined coconut oil and I shampoo it once a month. What is the healthiest way to grow my hair out?

  2. Wotna says

    I have been trying to grow my hair out for a long time now. And i seems like every time i pick it out it gets shorter. I need help what do you recommend?

  3. kadejah sanderson says

    i have very thick hair that is offal to maintain so I recently decided to start growing locks. my hair is cut in a short hair style and i’m looking for ways to help it grow healthier and quicker to start my lock journey any advice. i’m not big on using chemicals

  4. brianna says

    This will technically my 2nd time going natural the first time I stressed and lost hair etc. Then I ended up getting a perm around this time last year… since then I haven’t gotten another perm. I know off top I need to get my ends cut because of my new growth which came in the form of a fro after having kinky twists for a month since then I’ve washed it I know my hair is dry because I rarely put anything in it. My hair has grown more from being natural this time than the last but I rarely put anything in my hair because I don’t know what to put in it even though I have stuck to olive oil products. I am ready to try your max hydration process after I take out my braids which i want to start now but my birthday is on monday and I would like to look nice but after that I really don’t know what type of style I should rock because while I’m natural I’d rather just have a very easy maintenance style…… and get out of wearing something to cover my hair when I go out….

  5. says

    I want to share a very simple hair mask with olive oil. Spread 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil on my hair and comb your hair carefully. Wait for about 30 minutes, then use your hands to massage the hair gently for 1-2 minutes. Wash off with water. That’s all. I apply this 2 times per week.

  6. Central says

    I’m a dude with African/Jamaican genes…for the past few years my hairs been styles in to a high top. My hair is pretty curly and grows pretty slowly…what could I do to make my hair a little less curly and grow faster without using chemicals???

      • Tavoric Spain says

        I have the same type of hair.My hair is very thick but doesn’t grow fast enough .My hair is about 3 or 4 inches and has been growing for at least 5 months . I have tried eating differently and keeping my hair moisturized ,but it has no effect.I’m trying to get dreadlocks and need help.My mother has very long hair almost to her but and my dad used to have dreads .
        What can I use or do to make my hair grow faster other than
        Please help me mrs.Errol

  7. vivian says

    i carry natural hair which is tough n painful to comb; especialy after washin n leavin it 4 a while. It usd 2 b long 2 my neck til i permed it. That was in my teens. Then i went natural and it seems so short especial afta washin. I use various haircreams n hop 2 stik 2 1 eventualy. I realy need my hair 2 b soft 4 less pain n more manageability cos i dont want anythin else than my natural hair, which i usual weave. If soft i cud leav without weavin, cornrows n all. Cud save my moods n time 2. Tanx all.

  8. Lola Suttles says

    In 2013 went natural had a successful journey with healthiness but only grew 6-7 inches. Now I’ve been natural for 2 months and my hair is growing very slow. I wear wigs and quick weaves as protective styles but would like to know is it safe putting glue on my hair?

    • Shome says

      The next time you wash, give yourself a protein treatment (Alphogee is good)… do not blow dry your hair, instead try a stretch technique (braiding, twists, etc)… once your hair is dry, by section, comb it out & pull your ends to its full length… then cut your ends &
      seal them with a good water-based leave-in conditioner.

      Part & moisture your scalp with castor oil as needed for dryness. You would not need to cut your ends again for about a year… but repeat the protein treatments every 8wks.

      You should consider protective styling without the help of weaves, etc. because although it helps your hair to grow because you’re not manipulating it… factors of getting it done too tight or leaving it in too long may hinder your progress. You should always allow a few days of rest between weave/braid styling… especially being sure to do a 30min conditioning treatment before your next weave, etc.

  9. Muzuva says

    I am a black african but my hair is brownish in colour even my brothers i need to turn it black without use of dyes

  10. Jule Lawrence says

    Good morning
    My problem is a little different. My hair is thinning and straignt. I know it is heat damaged. I am going without heat for the summer and maybe the fall. Is there any style (two strand twist dont last, because my hair goes straight). any helpful ideas on how to thicken, and get my curls back. My mom and dad had soft hair

  11. Ambriell says


    I’ve always was jealous of African American ladies my age that have longer and more fuller hair than me ( even my boyfriend has longer hair than me). I’ve always wanted long and full voluminous hair, but it seems any technique I try is just a total failure. My hair texture is extremely curly and kinky, and when it dries it’s just plain old NAPPY! I’ve always had my hair in either braids, crotchety do styles, or Marley twists with weave for years ( since my mom was doing my hair when I was young). Don’t get me wrong i love wearing these styles, but only because I’m so self conscious with my natural hair because it’s not full like the weave I put in it and because my hair only grows when it’s not being messed with. My question is, what do I need to do to grow my hair? Should I change the product I’m using ( I use Pantene co-wash, shampoo, and deep conditioner)? Or leave the weave alone? I’m just so lost in a sea of options and research I just don’t know where else to turn.

    • lisa says

      Hi Ambriell

      Your hair may be dry but wearing extensions constantly only dries your hair out even more. So your hair may not be as dry as you think it is. The only way to really know is to wear your hair out of the weave for 3 months and learn to deep condition, nurture, and not use any heat. Wear long lasting styles like straw and rod sets to give your hair a nice break. That will help your hair grow without the weave. Sounds to me like you need to test out some different thick conditioners and deep condition regularly and start experimenting with low manipulation styles. Please don’t give up!

  12. Tia F says

    Hi Lisa,

    Is there a particular type of oil/brand you would recommend? Also, my edges are very thin (likely due to the heat every two weeks), any suggestions for taking better care of them?

    • lisa says

      Hi Tia,

      I don’t have a specific oil that I use. I just make sure that it’s pure and I usually buy from whole foods. Castor oil is very good for thin edges. Massage in at night and lay off the heat. It will help a lot.

  13. Keyonna says

    Hi, My hair is obviously growing but it is so fragile so it continues to break so as months go by instead of my hair getting longer it is shorter than it has ever been. And I hate that cause I love long hair. My hair texture is very unique and I have no one to help me.

    A cry for help,

    • lisa says

      Keyonna, are you deep conditioning your hair regularly? Tell me more about how you wear your hair? Do you use heat?

  14. Milan Heard says

    Ok, here’s my problem I transitioned about eight years ago. I did do a drastic chop when I first began to grow my perm out in 9th grade. A product that helped grow my hair (still does to this day) Silk Elements Mega Hair Cholesterol that can only be found in Sally’s. My mom, sister and I all use this product. With this conditioner especially during the summer months I would leave it in all the time, I mean I would do all kind of natural styles for my hair to retain its moisture. I noticed change and growth with my hair. Then a couple years later I dyed my hair and it broke drastically, because my hair is reaaallly dry. I did another big chop cause I couldn’t save it, it was damaged so bad. So now after my hair grew back thicker and prettier, the problem was that it isn’t getting as long as it used to be after my first big chop and its really frustrating. About a month and a half ago it was actually getting where I where I wanted it to be but I also noticed that my ends where split pretty bad I kept wearing it natural cause I was too busy to straighten and trim it. And figured it would be okay, but low and behold because of my negligence my hair began to break up my shaft and I had to cut about 4- 5inches of hair off. I’ve tried the stupid new hair pill gimmick such as hairfinity and if you forget to take those pills it just makes your hair break even more. So that was a definite bust and waste of money and time. I know my hair can grow long because looking at my mom an sister their hair is mid back, very thick and pretty no relaxer all natural. My genetics on my moms side are great, her fathers’ sisters had hair all the way down to their bottom. I have realized that my texture is thick but softer than their hair and my hair does not really hold much moisture unless I do styles that seal the ends to keep moisture in. I also wear sew ins which seem to help my hair grow faster because Im not bothering it, combing, pulling, tugging and all of that. But once I take it out and moisturize my hair the length just doesn’t retain. Ugghhh, Im going through NHH (Natural Hair Hell). I don’t know what to do, here I am about to put more weave in my hair today actually no leave out because I need my edges strong again. After I take this weave out if my hair has not grown even after a good trim and deep condition I said will do a third chop into a pixie cut and start all over again. which is something I just do not care to do again. I just wrote a mini book about my hair chronicles I need help what should I do differently to grow my hair and retain my length (besides my health cause I’m changing that back right now as we speak).

  15. Alyssa Orilla says

    I seriously love nuhairrx serum it’s work amazing. My hair has thickened in just three weeks since using the product. My eyebrows also have growing stronger and I’ve started to see some new thicker hair growth. Getting ready to order my second bottle :)

  16. says

    I have been struggling with trying to grow my hair longer I got a trim it was close to my chest before they trim they took a half inch off now I am at shoulder length and I take vitamins and eat a healthy diet will my hair still will grow longer no matter what I lose hair sometimes is that normal I never air dry after washing it

  17. Valencia says

    I have been natural for over 6 years, but recently I have noticed my hair is less strong and begining to break. I did relocate to a new city but was not sure if that was the issue. My hair is dry and I mentioned to the stylist that does my hair that my hair seems very dry and she seem to have somewhat of an attitude about it. I want to take responsibility for my own healthy hair and its growth. Do yu have any suggestions?


    • lisa says

      Do you know if the water is hard where you live? That could make a difference. Also if there is a dryer climate that can also make a difference.

  18. says

    Hi, my name’s Desiree and I really, really, really want to grow my hair. last time I’ve straighten was last year and I have a lot of heat damage. I’m currently wearing individual braids but I have to straighten my hair for spring pictures. :(. This year I’m going to high school and I really want to change something about my hair. I’m shoulder length and my goal is bra strap. My main goal is belly button length. I’m aware it’ll take a long time even years. But I’m willing to wait. Are there any products you recommend? Any home remedies. I have a bald spot near my edges and I really need to fix that so any tips? Please don’t recommend the ‘Big Chop’, my hair is already short and I don’t need it to be short it. I hate my hair texture, it’s not even naturally curly, it’s damaged. I just really need help.

  19. says

    Only thing I didn’t see mentioned in this article – which goes hand in hand with your new found love for Nutribullet (I did the same) is water. I’m chugging my water back as I type and thinking – this is key – moisture!

  20. says

    Hi Lisa,

    You are absolutely right! The NutriBullet is really a good nutrition extractor that really provides the nutrients for the cells which intern helps the hair to grow. I have been using it for quite sometime, and it certainly contributes to healthy hair growth. Thanks for the post!

  21. says

    Hi Im Aspire A Young Teen who has transitioned from relaxed hair to natural. One How do you wash natural hair?? Two What daily procedures do you take daily to maintain hair. Lastly why cant you comb hair ?

  22. Debra says

    I have had a VERY short natural tapered cut for years. (It is as short as some men keep their hair.) Now I want to grow it back long (but keeping it natural). I am afraid of how it will look during the grow-in. What can I do during the Grow in to keep it looking nice and neat?.Right now it is TOO short to braid or twist. Also it is gray.

    • says

      Just keep it softened, moisturized, and wear wash and go until its long enough to twist.

      You can also use small perm rods to give curl definition, if that’s what your texture requires.

  23. Maureen-Ann says

    I’ve been natural for quite awhile and my hair length (which is barely anything!) has been stagnant for quite some time. What I’ve noticed lately is that if put certain products in my hair (like Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie), my hair will become moisturized, but at the end of the day my ends have cling together and will shed off in clumps if I touch them. I don’t know what this means!

    I’ve heard of doing tea rinses, maybe that could help? I don’t why my hair reacts this way to creamy-based products. Maybe I’m putting too much. Grrrrr I want me hair to retain length!!!!!! >_< Any advice?

    • Treneice Reese says

      Try a professional strength product. Although Shea moisture is pricey it’s over the counter. Sally beauty supply sells a lot of professional strength products. They have higher protein/moisturizing percentages abd will help you noticed a difference.

    • says

      I have a product that’s been an exceptional help for professional stylist on that very issue. If you’ll contact me I will send you a free sample.

  24. Jacqueline says

    I love the comments and advice. This has helped me so much on my healthy hair lifestyle. I saw a video of me and my family 2 years back, the view of my hair from the back made want to cry, it was weak and balding. For me that was the day I had to work on my hair as a true part of me. The focus changed from keeping the latest hair style to getting healthy hair. I am all natural and enjoying it, but let me tell you it was hard to deal with the look of the shrinkage and help those close to you understand why it looks like that and at the same time learn to understand how to handle it and love it. It took a long time but now I truly love it thanks to all of your post and advice. Please keep them coming I look forward to reading them and learning. I am excited to finally join and post a few comments with you all making me a part of the healthy hair team, of course this is not just for natural hair but for all hair, healthy hair. Thanks so much!!!!

    • says

      Hi Damoli,

      Making hair grow is easy. Hair grows naturally, as long as there is a healthy scalp environment. Not being able to grow hair is usually related to improper product use, (relaxer, color,etc.), styling (tension Alopecia) or heredity.

      Be kind to your hair.

  25. Essence says

    I’ve been natural going on 5 years. But my hair seems to no grow as thick as it used to when I was relaxing it. Why is that? Also the texture has changed my hair used to be a more coarse grain but not it’s finer and way curly. I dont know how to make my hair grow !

    • Treneice Reese says

      I feel as if mine isn’t add think also.
      Also Essence, I’m not Lisa, but in my thoughts(believing I’m right) perm Dries the hair causing to have a tighter curl pattern. Move did the same thing. Lisa talked about tighter patterns having difficulty with moisture traveling because of the could do they might be directly related.

  26. Ann Ward says

    Hello I have been natutal for 4 yrs and it has grown but now I feel like its stop growing what can I do or us..By the way I do clip my ends about every few months

  27. Ruby says

    I have been natural for about 5 months now, and I can’t see growth, but my hair does stretch to a longer length. What are some tips you have for me about growing long natural hair? I do scalp massages a few times a week, but I usually don’t do protein treatments.

  28. Amani.W says

    Im Amani!
    Last summer my nana put a relaxer on my hair. it started to come outna lil only when I comb it though. Then she put another one just for the roots because I was going to go back to my moms. By the time im back at my moms my whole middle of my head has been tooken out. Gone. Like omgiod. Ky mom gave me braids and I been wearing and redoing the same kinda of hair for about a year and I want my hair back. Its grown yesh b the back has grown more but I don’t know to handle it. Ita so annoying and when ita curled it like a really tight afro. I want my hair a little longer and I wanna use the right products so I can wear my hair again to school and not get bullied about it. Please help me with tips. I love this website btw!!!:)

  29. Chelle says

    Hi Lisa, I am beginning my transition and have been relaxer free for 2 months. My question is I have short hair and I was wondering what styles could I wear my hair in to keep from having to put heat to it by it already being short. Please help!!!

  30. ashanti says

    Hi first of all very handy website I just started with my natural hair journal but my hair is always dry and I looked every where on the internet and it says deep conditioning and oil treatment I did last a deep conditioning but it don’t help much it is dryer right now and tomorrow I will do an oil treatment with my mother who´s done the big chop but I want to know how I get my hair less dry do you have any tips and does your hair grow less if its dry as mine ? okeay thanks for your help already bye greets ashanti

    • Vanessa says

      Winter season can be pretty harsh on our tresses. I have tried a few deep conditioners to revert this issue. To date, I have found that One N’ Only Hydrating Mask! My leave-in conditioner is a combination of Design Line Olive Oil EVOO Lite Leave-in and Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Leave-in Conditioners. My styling product is Eden Body Works Coconut Shea All Natural Curl Defining Creme. These are applied to each section prior to detangling and section to twist.

      All of these are available in stores on the ground. I am too impatient to wait for mail order products. Shop your local Sally’s and Walmart for Eden Body Works and Maxter Cuts or local hair salons that carry the Regis Design Line products.

      Oh! My hair is extremely dense and coily.

    • lisa says

      Brenda, did you contact the lady on the site? The book is offered to you as soon as you order. It’s an ebook. As soon as you hit “submit” the download was on the next page. You must’ve closed the browser.

  31. Camila says

    Keeping your hair healthy helps it grow faster. Try using the pro naturals argan oil hair treatment, it will totally leave it shiny and soft!

  32. Lauren L says

    Thank you for the info iv been natural for a year n seven months I love it I was natural when I was younger but I got tired of relaxers my hair is curly I noticed that I don’t have to trim my ends every three months I don’t even have to wash it as often I love two strand twists sooo much lol. Also my uncle’s have fine curly hair my cousin has long hair. My left side is longer than my right lol

  33. Brenda Wortherly says

    about week ago I order your book Secrets to Growing long Hair on line, I havn’t Received my book ! What happen to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Christine says

    Hi Lisa,

    I loved reading this article! I have relaxed hair and have been struggling to grow it back to its original full length (more than halfway down my back) for years. I current have a weave and I was careful to make sure my stylist braided my hair very loosely (perhaps even too loose!). I’m not sure if you would know anything about this, but is there anything I can do besides regular washing, conditioning and scalp oiling to help protect my natural hair underneath? Do you think wearing a net over my braids would protect my hair more?


  35. says

    I am transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It has been over a year. I would like to wear my hair curly using cold wave rods but, I don’t know if that is possible now. Can you give me some tips on this? Also, can you give me a recommendation on a good detangling shampoo and or conditioner? I have such a hard time combing my hair after I shampoo it. I almost hate to shampoo it or get it wet. :(

  36. Tionna Reed says

    When I was my hair I gets really nappy when I dry it it still nappy..than I put heat too it …is that good for your hair and dose sufer8 help grow your hair … and when. You send messages to your scalp …. brushing your hair upside down help.

    • Tionna Reed says

      Sorry wat I ment to say was when I wash my hair I gets really nappy and when I dry it it still is nappy and when I put heat too it gets straight …..dose that help…and sending messages to your scalp …dose brushing your upside down help blood flow too the scalp and help end messages to it

      • lisa says

        Hi Tionna

        What do you do immediately after you shampoo your hair? DO you use any kind of leave in? Also what do you use to style it? The key is using a moisturizing styler and twist your hair up or set it while it’s wet.

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