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Hairstyle Picture Gallery for Naturals and Transitioners
12 Tips for Natural Hair Bliss (Infographic)
Natural Hair Mantras for Inspiration (Infographic)
Stylish and Unique Natural Hair T-Shirts

See my first day as a natural after 18 months of transitioning.

Basic Transitioning Tips & Info

Read the FAQ’s
What to Buy When Transitioning
Get a Transitioning Kit to Help With Breakage
Your 10 Step Guide to Transitioning
Do’s and Don’ts of Transitioning
Solutions for Dry, Brittle Transitioning Hair
What to Expect While Transitioning to Natural Hair
Tips, Motivation and Hairstyles for Teens
Think Natural Hair is Unmanageable?
Straightening/Flat Ironing Transitioning Hair
Make Me a Naturalista – Transitioning Inspiration

My Transition Updates & Progress

Start of My Transition to Natural Hair
3 Month Transition Update
4 Month Transition Update
5 Month Transition Update
7 Month Transition Update
10 Month Transition Update – Twist Out
1 Year Transition Reflection and Pics
The End of My Transition – No Big Chop!

Shampooing & Conditioning

My Wash Day Routine (Transitioning)
Giovanni Organice Shampoo & Conditioner
Kinky Curly Shampoo and Conditioner (Come Clean and Knot Today)

Transitioning Hair Styles

Wearing Braids
Two-Strand Twist Out FAIL on Transitioning Hair
Two Strand Twist Out Tutorial on Transitioning Hair
Wearing Wigs
Flat Twist Out on Transitioning Hair
My Bad Hair Day Style
Rod Set with Pompadour
Vertical Flat Twist Style
Twist Out With Side Flat Twists
My First Transitioning Puff
Slanted Flat Twist Up Do With Curls
Flat Twist Up Do Update & Theme Song
Before and After Twist Out on 13 Month Transitioning Hair
Another Flat Twist Up Do
Chunky Flat Twist Out
Flat Twist Pin Up Do
Oyin Handmade’s Burnt Sugar Pomade – Trial and Error

Natural Hair Styles

After The Big Chop – Hairstyles and More Tips
Find Natural Hairstyles Online
My 7 Day Twist Out Results
Mini-ish Twists with Taliah Waajid
Wet vs. Dry Twists – Length Comparison (Pics)
My First Rod Set
Wash and Go With Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Stretching Two Strand Twists to Get More Length
A REAL Wash and Go Style!
Side Pony – Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyle
Unintentional Natural Curls With a Puff
Flat Twist To-The-Side Hairstyle
Bantu Knot Out
Length Check After 2 Years Completely Natural
Beanie Style With Curly Bangs
Why I Had to Cut 5 Inches of My Hair

Breakage & Damage

Preventing Breakage While Transitioning
3 Months In, Almost No Breakage!
Minimize Breakage With a Hot Oil Treatment
Heat Damage – Recovery and Prevention
Tips for Growing Your Damaged Edges Back


Hair Products I Use on My Natural Hair Today
Are You Buying Misleading Hair Care Products?
My Favorite Transitioning Products
Hello Honey Hemp Conditioner!
Aloe Vera Gel – A Transitioner’s Friend
My Staple Products – 2 Months Natural
How to Save Money on Hair Products
Why You Should Use Coconut Oil Before You Shampoo
Luscious Two Strand Twists With AfroVeda Shea Amla Whipped Butter
Twist Out With Homemade Flaxseed Gel


Moisturizing Transitioning Hair
Moisturizing Natural Hair
Why Your Hair Always Feels Dry or Doesn’t Retain Moisture
How to Moisturize Braids/Twists (Extensions and Natural)
How The Max Hydration Method Can Infuse Moisture Into Your Hair
Take the Hair Porosity Test to determine how your hair reacts to moisture

More Articles

Why Wear Natural Hair?
6 Game-Changing Habits for Healthy Natural Hair
How to Get More Shine/Sheen
What Do Men Think of Natural Hair?
8 Natural Hair YouTube Channels to Watch!
Growing Black Hair
Do Extensions Make Your Hair Grow Faster?
Solution for Dry, Flaky Scalp
Can You Change Your Hair’s Texture?
Record Length After 10 Months Natural
8 Styling Tips for Naturals and Transitioners
How to Properly Straighten Natural and Transitioning Hair
How to Minimize Frizz and Make Your Styles Last
Dealing With Criticism and Naysayers
How to Add Temporary Highlights to Your Hair
Keeping Natural and Transitioning Hair Healthy During The Winter


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